Students Forced To Kneel On Ground & Write Self-Criticisms

Students Forced To Kneel On Ground & Write Self-Criticisms

Chinese students forced to kneel on the ground and write self-criticisms while the teacher relaxes and smokes beside them.

From NetEase:

Beast of a teacher, unbelievably orders students to kneel and write self-criticisms

I saw this during class. These students, possibly for playing poker, were caught by the teacher.  [The teacher] unbelievably orders them to kneel to write [self-criticisms], while the teacher stood beside them and smoked.  This teacher was real TM laid-back/nonchalant…

Chinese students caught by a teacher.

Students being disciplined by a teacher.

Chinese students being punished to kneel on the ground and write self-criticisms while the teacher relaxes and smokes beside them.

Chinese students kneeling on the ground writing self-criticisms while the teacher relaxes and smokes beside them.

Chinese students kneeling on the ground writing self-criticisms while the teacher relaxes and smokes beside them.

Comments from & NetEase:


When I was in the fifth grade of elementary school, the teacher pulled me by the ear, and I think at the time my ear even bled.
But to this day, I still thank her —— Responsible teachers deserve thanks.


The teacher wasn’t wrong. Kids these days, you can’t hut them, you can’t yell at them, extremely difficult to teach/discipline!
Think back to when we were small, the teachers would often use wooden rulers to hit our palms, and when our parents found out after we got home, they’d discipline us one more time. It if weren’t because you didn’t listen, why would the teacher punish you?!


This kind of so-called “integrity/character education” is itself lacking humanity, or to put it another way, this is inherited from the patriarchal system! This kind of logic is simply: “Might is right!”


In the first grade I copied someone’s homework and insisted on saying I did it myself, so the teacher gave me a thrashing, my entire ass was beaten purple. Now thinking back to it I hold no hate, and I’m very grateful. She said that liking to play and not completing homework is forgivable, but lying cannot be forgiven, teaching me to develop good character and conduct myself with integrity. After I began working, if an error appeared I would bravely examine myself. I definitely wouldn’t lie to escape the responsibility. It is also because of this that I’ve achieved some success in my career.

Look at kids today, cutting class, truant, not doing homework, casually lying about being sick or having some emergency at home, just skirting by. Even if the teacher knows, the teacher wont say anything. The students aren’t acting like students, the teachers aren’t acting like teachers.

What we advocate is personal development, not distorting personal development.  Letting things slide without control and not drawing a line somewhere will only mean that the education system in the future will inevitably be even worse than it is now.


Heh, this kind [of punishment] is nothing.
From elementary to high school, every one of my classmates has been hit by teachers before.
Do bad on an exam, get hit; homework isn’t complete, get hit; talk during class, also get hit; don’t go to sleep on time, also get hit.
But after all these years my classmates and I have never because of this hated our teachers.
I can only say the teacher hit us only to make us better/for our own good.
Perhaps these days we excessively stress respecting students.
Perhaps today’s students understand things early.
But that [today’s students’] self-restraint is lacking is indeed a fact.
I understand the teacher, though I don’t support [his methods].


Really a good teacher, I support. Today’s students definitely deserve getting hit and scolded.

Comments from ifeng:


Seeing the asses of these little troublemakers pointed toward the sky is pretty amusing. This teacher really knows what to do [to deal with students], not hitting or scolding, but still giving them a deep/lasting lesson. Ding‘d.


[They] deserved punishment.
Since ancient times China has used kneeling as a form of punishment for students who don’t listen/don’t behave. Even up to the modern era, teachers use kneeling as a form of punishment for students who don’t listen/behave, so they recognize their mistakes, and it isn’t excessive either. Moreover, the teacher is doing this only for the students’ good too. I think this friend who is calling the teacher a beast isn’t anything good himself, not even understanding the concept of respecting teachers and cherishing children. Posting your whining and complaints here, I think you also lack parental guidance. The youth punished with kneeling, take some time to really reflect on yourselves!!!


There weren’t any tables and chairs there, so they could only bend-over to write on the ground…


Well punished! Children are used to being god at home, so the schools have a lot of gods being sent there. They say one mountain cannot hold two tigers [there can only be one boss]. One school with this many gods, how can it not be chaos?
Who created this many gods?  No doubt the god will tell you, it’s the god’s parents.


Watch Korean TV serial dramas, their teachers seem to often use physical punishment.
The students even have to kneel in front of the classroom door with both arms raised too.


The reason why China is still this weak, why the Diaoyu Islands are occupied and there still isn’t anything being done, is because teachers have made us used to being humiliated since we were small. Those departments talk about punishing corrupt officials, fighting criminals, it’s all just treating symptoms and not treating the cause. Criminals, corrupt officials, why do they commit crime? Because of bad character! Why is their character bad? Because they weren’t educated/disciplined well when they were young! There is a saying that says, “Those who plant trees must cultivate the root.”  What is the root? It’s the base, the foundation. If the root is bad, then large tree will sooner or later whither. When even the lowest level of “education” isn’t handled well, what’s the point of flaunting GDP!? Sigh, when “education” is finally taken care of, that is when China will truly have become rich and powerful.


The true state of education today is that education law does not allow hitting, cursing, humiliating, or physically punishing students. Very good. The current state also includes students being provided with a monthly allowance. Very good…… When students play with their mobiles, chat, sleep in class, they can only be lightly verbally criticized, (basically no one will listen to you, unless they’re the class monitor) and if they don’t listen there’s nothing you can do. The country/state coddles students too much, because too many incidents have shown me that hitting, scolding, or physically punishing students will only create problems for oneself. You can say I am unethical…  [but] look at the current situation of education! Some students take their allowances to go to KTVs, go drinking, smoking, have relationships, it is so nice being a student these days, getting 2.5 yuan allowance to sleep each day, and no one dares to hit or scold them, much less send them home, [because] it’s compulsory education!……….

What do you think? Do students in China have it too easy these days?

Chinese students kneeling on the ground writing self-criticisms while the teacher relaxes and smokes beside them.

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  1. Jenevis <!--says:-->

    I for one, believe the teacher was right to punish those students.

    Youngsters today have no respect for authority. Unlike in the 80′s or 90′s, where students respected and feared teachers, today its the direct opposite. Children are too “spoiled”, a teacher punishes them for not doing their homework, and the first thing the child does is to complain and whine to their parents, who then take pity on their precious spoilt child and complain to the school authority.

    Although i am in my late 20′s now, but when i was still in school, the teacher was someone whom i respected a feared, for i knew that whatever i did wrong and the teacher punishes me, its for my own good.

    I wasnt a very a good student, i was naughty and undisciplined, so i was often punished. But looking back now, i am glad that my teachers did the things they did for it has made a better person.

    Yes, there are some teachers’ whose punishment is too extreme, but to be very frank, kneeling down and writing some stuff on the pavement is considered too LIGHT a punishment in my eyes!

    • Alikese <!--says:-->

      The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties at the table, cross their legs, and tyrannize their teachers.


      It was completely different when I was young, though.

  2. wutrudoin <!--says:-->

    guess it isn’t as bad as hitting the kids. a lot of these comments seem like they get off on seeing kids on their knees. asians have become some real true faggots lately. their women are more manlier than them.

  3. Mechanized <!--says:-->

    as Alexadnra Wallace would say OHHH CHING CHONG LING LONG TING TONG!”

  4. I find it interesting how many of these comments are positive about the teachers actions, but no one comments on the fact that the teacher is smoking (smoking in schools is technically banned by the Chinese constitution, which I know is hard to believe).
    I worked in a terrible middle school in Chengdu, and I really wish there had been a few more teachers like this.

    • blackflagnation <!--says:-->

      yeah, but who actually follows any of the “no smoking” rules in China? I see people smoking in the stairwells at hospitals right next to “no smoking” signs. shoot, have of the time it’s not uncommon to find an ashtray-trash can right under the “no smoking” sign.

    • When I was in college here in china, during break time the teacher always smoke with us at the window and we talk about all kinds of stuff. Good times.

      We even go to KTV together sometimes, maybe we just had young teachers that we can relate to.

  5. GreenTea <!--says:-->

    thinking back i am actually grateful that my teachers scolded me and hit me with a ruler.

  6. Chris N. <!--says:-->

    None of the comments really mentioned parenting as a cause or solution for students’ behavior. They seem to place a lot of importance on discipline and development coming from school, but not from home. I think a lot of westerners would agree that discipline should come from the parents, not the teachers. Do schools in China never hold parents responsible for their children’s behavior? If a kid doesn’t want to learn, then they won’t learn. Beating a child until they learn just doesn’t sound beneficial. Beating a child in school is a quick and dirty solution.

    Parents should spend more time with their kids to foster a love for learning, ideally. If someone argues that “some Chinese parents don’t have time because they have no money and work so much”, then maybe they shouldn’t have had kids if they didn’t know what it takes.

    • bobiscool <!--says:-->

      You’re not god, you don’t know what’s best for everyone, and you don’t know the situations of other people, so you can’t really generalize with such a simple logic.

      Many parents work because of their kids, hoping to be able to provide them with a better environment, better tutors, etc. They’re working so they can hire professionals to help teach their kids. They’re not working so they have more money to spend on themselves.

      And really? Western parents teach and discipline children themselves? Unfortunately I didn’t see that during highschool…

  7. oh my! The teacher never caught me!
    SOFA!!! baby baby~~~

  8. This is quite odd, no quip about chinaSmack personals in this article fauna?

  9. Curren$y <!--says:-->

    Song of the article

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    by Aries Spears

  10. Bo Wang <!--says:-->

    Meh, nothing too extraordinary. At least these students didn’t go jump off the building afterward, like that other idiot who got scolded for playing with his cellphone.

  11. It’s really interesting how many commenters were mistreated in their childhood, then later find excuses for violence and humiliation and even praise their teachers.

  12. Justin <!--says:-->

    At my elementary school there was a coach who was fired for assigning kids to “time out” in a big cardboard refrigerator box. That guy was a dick. I think the school district still kept him on as a driver’s ed instructor.

  13. I went to school in Germany many many moons ago. We got it with a Bamboo cane on the backside or on the open hand. That were the good old days were discipline was the order of the day. All I can say is: We have come a long way baby.


  14. looks like the stuff they do during cultural revolution but they did it to adults then.

    Physical and emotional punishments are nothing to be brag about; it only shows the failure of the parents at home and the teachers at school.

    Real education weather it’s to impart knowledge or character should be inspired not forced.

    Not contesting that force doesn’t work, but inspiration is what we should strive for and not the short cut of punishment. Fear does not equate respect.

  15. I do believe in human dignity. Punishment is good and necessary, but it must always be dignified.