“Chin’s False Harmony" on Century Forum

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Beijing Technology and Business University
professor and economist Liang Xiaomin said
in the Phoenix Satellite TV Station (Phoenix TV)’s
Century Forum program that China’s so-called
“harmonious society" is “false harmony."
There will not be a harmonious society as long
as there is “one-party totalitarian market economy."

Phoenix TV’s Century Forum program invited
Beijing Technology and Business University
professor and economist Liang Xiaomin.
Liang pointed out during his conversation
with host Wang Luxiang, that the CCP
(Chinese Communist Party) misuses
Keynes’ temporary government intervention theory
as a long-term national policy, which caused
corruption in China’s state-owned enterprises,
and lack of innovation in private enterprises.
China does not have a harmonious society.

Former Phoenix TV news director Pang Zhong
said CCP’s one-party dictatorship
controls everything to its own will.

Pang Zhong (former Phoenix TV news director):
“With social injustice and lack of good policy,
how can there be good livelihood for people?
It is not possible to have social harmony."

Hong Kong’s Open magazine Editor-in-Chief
Jin Zhong told Voice of America (VOA), that
Phoenix TV’s Century Forum seems to be
outspoken in criticizing the CCP, but it is actually
CCP’s strategy to take over overseas media market.

Jin Zhong thinks some media have
CCP background, such as Phoenix TV.
It sometimes criticizes CCP a little,
but actually helps the CCP a lot.

VOA states the unprecedented corruption
and totalitarianism of the CCP is the main reason
for morality degeneration in China.

According to Beijing independent commentator
Zhang Lifan, most entrepreneurs in China
only pursue profit, not social responsibility.
They do not have independent thinking.
They are attached to the government, and hope
to get a share through those in power; meanwhile,
corrupt officials exploit business and accept bribes.
They get benefit from in and out of the CCP system.

China Peace and Democracy Alliance chairman
Tang Baiqiao said: “Yes! Petition and uprisings
increase each year. The gap between the rich
and the poor widens each year, the environment
is damaged and the international society is not happy
about the CCP, all of those are not harmonious."

Sinopec Maotai Receipts’s incident from April 13
triggered intense media attention in China.

Back in 2009, former general manager of Sinopec,
Chen Tonghai abused his power and sought benefits
through land transactions and construction contracting.
The bribery he accepted totals nearly USD30milion.
His case is known as the “#1 corruption case
of China’s state-owned enterprises."

In addition, China Mobile Communications Corp.
former party secretary and deputy general manager
Zhang Chunjiang also got benefits through his post.
During his tenure Zhang accepted large briberies
and lived a luxurious and corrupt life style.
When Zhang prepared to marry Wang Hui,
he “purchased" a villa in South Beijing,
with market value of USD$500k. His case was
established for investigation in September 2010.

The demission of these two ministry–level officials
is a snapshot of state-owned enterprises’ corruption.

Germany’s Die Zeit indicated these officials
grew up during the Cultural Revolution time.

VOA emphasized in its report, that social harmony
and stability is the result of resolving conflicts,
not a promise for conflict resolution. Therefore,
CCP’s so-called “maintaining stability" is illogical.

NTD reporters Tang Rui and Zhou Ping


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