China Update – April 28, 2011

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Understanding China’s Economic Reform [Featured Analysis]

Media Campaign Initiated to Glorify Chinese Communist Party on Its 90th Anniversary [Briefing]

Why Wealthy Chinese Citizens Emigrate [Briefing]

China’s Diplomatic Predicament in Middle East [Briefing]

Featured Analysis

FE1Understanding China’s Economic Reform

This article shows that the Communist Party initiated economic reform for its own survival and the continuation of its one-party governance. The Party used private ownership, foreign capital, and a competitive market to strengthen the socialist system instead of deviating from the socialist path, and it is now using its economic success to justify the one-party political system. [Full Text]

China Update – April 28, 2011

Briefings: Following major developments from Chinese language media not generally available to the West

BR1 Media Campaign Initiated to Glorify Chinese Communist Party on Its 90th Anniversary

Liu Yunshan, a Politburo member and head of the Party’s Propaganda Department, spoke at a working conference in connection with the 90th anniversary of the Communist Party, “[We] should vigorously sing the praises of the Communist Party, socialism, open reform, the great motherland, and all nationalities. … [We] should interface with international communities and widely introduce them to the extraordinary history of how our Party has led the people through the revolution, development, and reform, and explain to them the core values of our Party as the ruling party to serve the public and the people so that the world better understands China and the Chinese Communist Party."

At the conference, Liu also gave instructions on the roles and tasks of the central and local Party newspapers, radio, TV stations, metropolitan newspapers, and online media.

Source: People’s Daily, April 23, 2011

BR2 Why Wealthy Chinese Citizens Emigrate

According to an Economic Observer article, there are two reasons why wealthy Chinese people choose to move to countries such as the United States and Canada: One, living standards, including education, welfare benefits, lower taxes, clean air, a stable investment environment, and healthy food. Two, a knot in their hearts related to concerns for personal safety, wealth security, and a lack of confidence in the future. “Many rich people are in a vile environment, where if they do not do evil, they cannot survive, so they have to do evil. As they continue to do evil, they fear that one day they will be caught and lose everything. Hence they choose to leave home and start over again in a different country. However, their departure has left the society with an empty hole: they left because of dissatisfaction with society and yet their departure has generated a lot of resentment toward them."

Source: Economic Observer, April 22, 2011

BR3 China’s Diplomatic Predicament in Middle East

Xinhua’s International Herald Leader published an article titled “How Can China Get Out of Its Diplomatic Predicament in the Middle East?" The article quotes from an Arabian source that China’s Middle East policy is widely viewed by many Arab countries as “sitting on the fence." It wants to have access to the oil but does not want to give up cooperating on technology with Israel, let alone offending the United States. The article predicts that, as China expands in the Middle East, sending Chinese troops to the Middle East to protect its workers may become inevitable, given times of chaos, and the economic loss in the Libya crisis.

“This is exactly what makes it difficult for China to play an independent role in the Middle East. The West calls China’s economic expansion without security protection ‘putting all of its eggs in the basket of the United States,’ meaning China has put its interest in the Middle East in the hands of the United States." The article noted that China presently has warships in the Gulf of Aden all year round to ensure its oil supplies. The “Xuzhou" Destroyer entered the Mediterranean during the Libya chaos and its air force cargo planes fly over the Middle East. The article concluded that China should establish a long-term strategic vision for the Middle East.

Source: International Herald Leader, April 26, 2011


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