Report to FBI: China Sent Military Officers to the USA

Report to FBI: China Sent Military Officers to the USA

The Chinese Communist Military Agencies started the so called Unrestricted Warfare against me and the The United States. I was in dangerous situation. I reported to FBI about MS. Guo, who addmitted she was a Chinese Military officer and entered the United States using faked identification. I also provided documents and hard copy evidences to the FBI to show that Ms. Guo is an active Chinse Military officer. Ms. Guo received $60,000 allowance from the Chinese Military agency anually as awards.

Now, The Chinese Communist is more dangerous than Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda. The Chinese Government sent many of their well trained military officers into the United State to start the so called Unrestricted Warfare, while the Al Qaeda sent only some memebers of their semi-military groups. By sending their military officers into the United States, the Chinese government has started the so called “Unrestricted Warfare" against the United States. They are ready to start terrorism attack against US citizens and to damage the interests of the United States.It is my responsibility to report this to the American Agencies, the Congress, and FBI.

Attached is my report to FBI. I post it here so that people would have tips and clues to investigate this case further, in case I were kidnapped or killed by the Chinese Communist government.

Dear FBI Agencies,

It was very nice meeting and speaking to you yesterday.
Let me summarize what I mentioned during our conversation.
1. Wang Bingzhang, Zhang Hongbao, Peng Ming, Zhou Yongjun are all Chinese dissidents, and are all US residents. They were either kidnapped by the Chinese Military Agency in South East Asia, or kidnapped in car accident. Ms. Yan Qingxin and Zhang Qi are two sisters. These two sisters are involved in these kidnapping cases, and they are living in D.C. now. Details about these cases can be found on the web. I believe that the Chinese military agencies are very aggressive and very dangerous to US citizens.

2. Based on my role and activities in the pro-democratic movement, I believe That I have been listed as one of the major target of the Chinese Military Agency as well as the Department of the Chinese Central Security since 2005. Some of my activities including:

2.1 Set up the Memorial Committee for Zhao Ziyang in 2005.

2.2 Set up the organization of “The Valve Action Committee" in 2005.

2.3 Started a simulated Election for the Chinese President on the web in 2006.

2.4 Published the book “Tiananmen Pandora" on June 4th, 2009.

2.5 Organized the Art Exhibition Tour “Tear down this Wall" in 2009. The first stop of the tour was held in the “National Arts Club" in New York starting from 9/8/2009 – 9/19/2009. The second tour was held in the Capital Hill in D.C. starting from 10/1/2009 – 10/4/2009. There scheduled tour exhibition in Berlin, Hong Kong, the 38th Parallel.

3. The Chinese Security Agencies have been so nervous about my activities listed above. They have tried many methods to stop all such kind activities and plans. They have called me several times and asked me to go to South East Asia to meet them. I refused to meet them in other countries except in the USA. They also mentioned to me to help me to find a girl friend. I also refused.

4. Ms. Guo approached me through a chatting room and email on 6/7/2007.

I checked her profile on the website, she just registered and she immediately contacted me directly.

She invited me to go to Philadelphia to meet her on 6/9/2007. At our first meeting on 6/9/2007, she asked me to have a quick marriage with her, so that she can apply green card through marriage. She told me she graduated from Shanghai University. In her resume, I found that she graduated from The Shanghai Second Medical University in 1996. We got married at the end of 2007.

At the court hearing in 2010, Ms. Guo lied to the Judge that we met at a party of one of our common friend in April 2007. This was taped in one of the Risk Assessment document. But the judge didn’t allow me to keep a copy of that document. Clearly, Ms. Guo is very concern about our first meeting through online chatting. She couldn’t explain why she approached me directly through the website.

5. During the Art Exhibition from 9/8/2009 – 9/19/2009, Ms. Guo invited Mr. Yan Wenming (Jason) to visit us. Yan Wenming lived in our house from 9/7/2009 – 9/20/2009. Yan Wenming claimed that his mainly interest of this visit is business and marketing investigation. He said he was not interested in the Art Exhibition at all. However, Yan Wenming came to USA right before the date of the Art Exhibition, and left for Shanghai right after the closing ceremony. Jason spent most of his time in the Art Exhibition. It was strange that most of my friends didn’t notice Yan Wenming at the Art Exhibition, although some people had taken photo for most visitors to the art exhibition.

In June 2010, both Ms. Guo and Yan Wenming admitted that Yan Wenming gave $60,000 to Ms. Guo.

Jason also planned to give Ms. Guo money through fraud business. Jason asked Ms. Guo to ship furniture from USA to China. For every $1,000 of Ms. Guo’s expense, Jason will give back $10,000 reward to Ms. Guo. Jason and Ms. Guo also mentioned one of their partner is Jeffrey, who was also received degree from a University of Chicago. Jeffrey is the son of Li Ruihuan, who used to be No. 4 Chinese Communist Leaders.

Ms. Guo had been very supportive and excited about the art exhibition. However, Ms. Guo changed her mind abruptly on 9/18/2009. She yelled at me in the front of Jason, and wanted me to stop the art exhibition. Since then, Ms. Guo asked me many times to destroy all the Sculptures. She even hit me several times when she asked me to destroy the sculptures. Around the midnight On 11/6/2009, Ms. Guo asked me to destroy the sculptures again. I made phone call to Mr. Yan, one of the artists who created some of the sculptures, and asked him to move all of his sculptures back to his home in Las Vegas. Ms. Guo, heard our conversation, she became so angry at me for returning back these art sculpture to the artists, instead of destroying all the sculptures as she requested.

She came into my home office room, immediately started to hit me, scratched my face into bloody. Then I called 911. That started our legal procedure. We have court hearing almost every month since then. Every time we went to the court, Ms. Guo asked the prosecutor to put me into jail. Our next court hearing was scheduled on 5pm, 3/9/2011 for this case. It will be the final trial. I was never given a chance to tell the truth to the prosecutor nor to the judge, and was never given a trial for this case. I believe that Ms. Guo tried to use this domestic violence case to apply for her green card.

6. Ms. Guo’s mother, Liu Zhongyu, has visited us since November 2009. In April 2010, I brought Liu Zhongyu to a party held at my friend Rong’s home. Liu Zhongyu happened to tell people that Ms. Guo had been a military officer in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army before she entered the USA in 2001, and Ms. Guo was a graduate of the Shanghai Second Military Medical University. All the graduates from that school has to be enrolled in the Army once enrolled in the school, and would be awarded at least as lieutenant once graduated.

Ms. Guo threatened me many times she would take whatever cost and whatever method to put me into prison.

7. Ms. Guo tried many times to create car accident to me. I saw her to manipulate my car to make the engine warning light up, and then asked me to drive the car. When we drive on the highway, Ms. Guo always yelled at me and sometimes threw ed something at my face. One time, she threw a GPS at my face and broke my glasses and made my nose bloody.

I believe Ms. Guo using this way to create car accident record. At the court hearing on 9/2/2010 or 9/9/2010, Ms. Guo spent long time to prove that she didn’t have any skills about the car. She tried to cover her skills about making the engine warning light up and off.

8. At the court hearing on 9/9/2010, Ms. Guo clearly stated that she was a graduate of Shanghai Second Military Medical University. Ms. Guo also threatened me that she can easily kill me because she was a Chinese military officer with the rank of Captain. The law for Chinese Military officers clearly stated that a military officer with the rank of Captain has to serve for the Army at least for 16 years. Ms. Guo was awarded the rank of Captain after she graduated in 1996. That means Ms. Guo has to serve for the Chinese People’s Liberation Army up to 2012, so that she must be an active military officer at this time unless she has been dismissed from the army due to disability or criminal charge. Ms. Guo also mentioned that she has been honored with the 3rd class People’s hero of the Chinese Army. The Chinese Army seldom awards that honor to individual military officers unless the officer has done great contributions to the country. Larry Wu-tai Chin might also be awarded with that honor.

9. Based on the Chinese Law for military officers, any military officer is strictly disallowed to go to abroad unless sent by the General Political Department and for special commissions. Military officer who were sent abroad would continue to receive equivalent salary and benefits. I believe that the $60,000 Ms. Guo received from China annually are compensation for her military special missions.

10. I also found several documents that can show Ms. Guo graduated from the Chinese Military University.

11. In May 2009, Ms. Guo submitted political asylum application for her mother, Liu Zhongyu. The only reason for that application is that her mother is the step mother-in-law of a famous Chinese dissident, Gang Liu. Ms. Guo used media reports about my experience in the Chinese Prison. She did never show me what kind reports she provided to INS for the application. The INS interview was scheduled on 6/16/2009. However, Ms. Guo had to show up at the somerset Superior court on that date. At the court, Ms. Guo repeatedly claimed that Gang Liu is an criminal because I was jailed for 6 year in the Chinese prison. That is ridiculous, Ms. Guo used the same fact to claim Gang Liu is a hero in the political application case, and Gang Liu is a criminal in the domestic violence case.

12. I believe that Ms. Guo and Jason are related to the Chinese Military Information agency. As I happened know their background, I believe I was listed as their target list to be murdered. During that time, the Chinese military agencies repeated posted articles about the list who were killed by the Chinese Military. One of such article was attached at the end.

13. Jason and some other Chinese security agencies have tried to invite me to go to South East Asia. I believe they are trying to kidnap me or murder me so that Ms. Guo’s military status would not be exposed. In June 2010, Jason threaten me he would fix me permanently unless I wouldn’t let people know Ms. Guo’s military status. He gave me 3 months time limit. I felt my life was in danger. To protect myself, I reported Ms. Guo’s case to FBI, INS, and Pfizer. However, no one wanted to investigate this case. Then I posted my report to FBI as a comment following an article about Chinese Spy at the website of Whashington Post, and BNET. After I posted my reports on the Web, Jason and other Chinese security agencies stopped threaten me. Jason even cancled his cell phone. I believe my postings are really helpful to save my life.

Why I reported Ms. Guo’s case to FBI?
I ask FBI to invest Ms. Guo’s military status and how did she hide her military status to enter the United States.

If Ms. Guo is a Chinese Military officer, she would be very dangerous to the security of the USA and a threaten to the life of US citizens. Why Chinese military sent their military officers to the USA? They are starting their “Unrestricted Warfare" on the soil of the United States.

Ms. Guo has done a lot of damage to me.

Ms. Guo’s case can help FBI to figure out how and why the Chinese military sent their military officers to enter the USA. This may also alert the United State to strenthen the homeland securities.

I understand that I have to deal with all the legal cases myself. However, I believe that everything will be clear that once we know Ms. Guo was sent by the Chinese Military into the United States as one of the sleeping cells.

My requests:
1. I hope FBI can investigate Ms. Guo’s military status and her special missions in the United States.
2. Investigate the damages that Ms. Guo has made to the security and interests to the United State, to Wyeth, to Pfizer?
3. Investigate the damages that Ms. Guo has made to me.
4. How much money has Ms. Guo received from China?
5. Investigate Jason’s role. Jason’s Email:,Cell phonse:156-0165-2766.
6. Why Jason and Ms. Guo want to destroy my life?
7. Ms. Guo has been in a group of “7 Fairy", which includes 7 ladies. All of them worked as managers for high profile US companies, such as American Airline, Pfizer, Bank of American, etc. Some of them are appointed as Chairwomen of some the Chinese association sponsored by the Chinese Communist, for example, a lady named Crystal was used to be the Chairwoman of the CFA (Chinese Financial Association), although she doesn’t have any background in finance. She also destroyed several of her boy friends. That association has large number of members.
8. Since 2005, the Chinese Military has set up Military Training Camps in 100+ normal Universities in China. The students in such military camps must be enrolled in the PLA army and serve for the army as military officers at least for 14 years. However, they got diploma from normal university. I believe most of these students would be sent abroad for special missions. Here are several links about such military camps:

9. Investigate the case of Wang Bingzhang, Zhang Hongbao, Peng Ming. How were they lured to the South East Asia? How the Chinese military agency kidnapped them?
here are several relevant links:
Zhang Hongbao
Wang Bingzhang
Peng Ming:

Tips for the investigation:
I believe that it would be very easy for you to check whether Ms. Guo is a military officer sent by the Chinese Military, as long as FBI determined to investigate it.
1. Ms. Guo enrolled in the University of Chicago in 2001. She must submit her transcripts when she applied the MBA program. The University of Chicago wouldn’t accept transcripts from Chinese Military schools. Then, what transcripts did Ms. Guo submitted to The University of Chicago?
2. On 9/9/2010, we had a court hearing at the somerset county superior court. During the hearing, Ms. Guo clearly stated that she graduated from Shanghai Second Military Medical University. I believe that the court should taped all such claims.
3. In her resume, Ms. Guo listed that she graduated from Shanghai Second Medical University, which is another public school in Shanghai. I guess that Ms. Guo might submitted a faked transcript from that university. If this is the case, she wouldn’t tell details about these courses listed in that transcripts, such as who is the professor, the textbooks used, etc.
4. Ms. Guo gave many lies during the court hearings, in the complains, and some other legal documents. The lies has conflict statements in different documents.
You can easily find that Ms. Guo is a liar if you can go through some of such legal documents. Her attorney also mentioned to one of my lawyer that Ms. Guo was a liar. One of her attorney also sent us mails to claims that Ms. Guo was hiding assets. Ms. Guo fired these attorneys.
5. The Franklin Township court will give me a trial at 5PM, 3/9/2011. I believe that Ms. Guo will give more lies on the trial. I would like to invite you to attend the trial.
I understand that my suggestions may not be very professional. Actually, I just want to provide more relevant information here. You can give your own judgement.
Here is a list of banks created by Ms. Guo. I created this list based on one of the joint account that I can access. Ms. Guo might have more bank accounts.

CountBank Name account type account number
1 Citibank,Guo joint, checking xxxx 1970 51
2ING Direct, Guo xxxx0667
3 Chase,Guo ending 4464
4 Bank of America, Guo Checking: xxxxxxxxxx8066
5 Bank of America, Guo Saving xxxxxxxxx7151
6 HSBC,Guo
7 American Express,Guo credit card closed on 8/1/2010
8 Benchmark Federal Credit Union Home Banking, Guo xxxxxx21299
9 US Bank,Guo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx03566
10 Bank of America Tear Down This wall Foundation Checking and Saving xxxxxxxxx 9098
11 Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Zhongyu Liu Checking and Saving xxxxxxxxxx0040
12 Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia,Guo Checking and Saving
13 Bank of America Zhongyu Liu Checking and Saving

Joint checking account
9342 1970 51 This account was closed on 8/2/2010
recent large amount transactions

date transfer amount to/from To Bank
3/11/2010 (50,000.00) Liu, Zhongyu Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
2/17/2010 (25,000.00) Guo ING
1/7/2010 (10,000.00) Guo ING


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