Student Goes Insane After Repeated Accusations From School

Student Goes Insane After Repeated Accusations From

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June 22, 2011 by HZ

child graduate and work like other Chinese parents could, Mrs. Wu saw her son go

The story dates back to December 2006, when two
anti-communist messages appeared on the website of Beijing Materials University,
where Wu’s son, Yang Ying (pseudonym), was a senior. After tracking the IP
address down to Yang’s computer, the school insisted that Yang was the poster of
the messages and repeatedly questioned, monitored, and investigated him until he
went psychotic.

Wu told Caixin Weekly the
investigation lasted from January to May 2007:

The school ordered Yang to stay at school and not go back home. Every time
three authorities would be present at his questioning to demand him to admit
[that he posted the messages].

Wu added that the school—a
university under the jurisdiction of the Beijing government—required him to keep
his phone on 24/7, make himself available at any time to cooperate with its
investigation, and asked his roommates to monitor him.

Starting in May 2007, Wu said Yang no longer wanted to leave home, not even
for his year-end exams.

Ever since, Yang would often have auditory and visual hallucinations and
would throw and break things. […] At times, Yang would not even recognize me
and threatened to kill me.

Wu despaired in 2008 when doctors diagnosed Yang with schizophrenia.

After agreeing that the school incident induced Yang’s mental illness, Yang’s
parents brought the school to court, demanding 700,000 Yuan ($108,000) in
compensation for the infringement of Yang’s right to life and health.

Despite having faced various judges deeming Yang’s family to have
“insufficient evidence," Yang’s family—which has already spent 200,000 Yuan on
his medical fees—continues to sue the school and increased the compensation to
1.7 million Yuan on June 14.

Wu told Caixin:

Since Yang became ill, the Materials University has never dropped by for a
visit. We had tried to be tolerant at first, but now we are getting
desperate—that’s why we raised the compensation.

Yang had denied that he posted the messages, but failed to explain who could
have used his computer to post the messages.

The court will continue with the case on June 29.



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