10,000 Frogs Give Chinese Netizens Earthquake Scares

10,000 Frogs Give Chinese Netizens Earthquake Scares

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June 30, 2011 by HZ

UNUSUALLY MANY FROGS swarmed onto the streets in a park in Shanxi Province on
Tuesday morning, all marching in the same direction.

The tiny frogs had reached such a number—at least 10,000—that a few local
residents volunteered to redirect pedestrians, bicycles, and cars to prevent
running over them.

The odd spectacle at Linfen City’s Fen River Ecological Park drew quite a
crowd but also inspired some uneasiness.

Gray Tone in Xunzi’s Right

Panicking……! This morning more than 10,000 frogs took to the streets in
Linfeng City, Shanxi Province. Could this be an earthquake

No she isn’t out of her mind.

The scene of unusual animal behavior reminds Chinese people of what happened
two days before the magnitude 8.0 earthquake hit Sichuan in 2008, when tens of
thousands of toads went on a journey in Sichuan’s Mianzhu, a hard-hit city where
at least 2,000 people were killed.

A May 13, 2008 Epoch Times

The toads walked on the road and many were crushed to death by vehicles and
pedestrians. Some villagers thought it was a bad omen. But the local authorities
explained that it was a normal phenomenon. They said it was the peak breeding
period for toads. Some experts even claimed that the migration of the toad was
proof that the ecological system of Mianzhu was getting better.

The appearance of frogs in Shanxi has similarly been deemed a natural

Shanxi Evening News
quoted the city’s Wild Animal Protection Department head Zhang Chengyong:

Every year, May and June are frogs’ breeding season. Coupled with the
increased amount of precipitation lately, many frogs have therefore bounced out
of the riverbank onto the road—this is a normal phenomenon.

Yet many Chinese netizens chose to believe in the animals’ augury rather than
the government authority.

Romantic Horizon SY

More than 10,000 frogs appeared on the road in Linfen, Shanxi. Once again, an
authority came out to state that it was merely a normal and natural phenomenon.
My God! Regardless of what happens, there are always authorities or experts
claiming that it is normal, natural. Experts, did you actually take the effort
to do some research? Can a large number of frogs taking to the street be
considered a natural phenomenon? Well, actually, maybe it is a normal and
natural phenomenon considering they might be responding to an impending
disaster. Prior to the Wenchuan [Sichuan] earthquake, many experts also called
[the animal phenomena] natural! Who believes in experts?

Silent Man With Few

An authority has called the frogs crawling onto the road a “natural
phenomenon." This time the authority is right. And of course, things like
earthquakes are also natural phenomena. There’s no way that frogs crossing the
street is a man-made or supernatural phenomenon, right?

Three years ago, Sichuan authorities stepped out to “dismiss rumors" that
strange animal behaviors could be a bad omen.

Three days before the earthquake, the Sichuan provincial government even put
a statement on its website, dismissing earthquake predictions and demanding the
earthquake prevention bureau to “take measures" to stop the earthquake rumors
from spreading, only to have to delete the statement right after the earthquake

Maybe in China, animals really are more credible than authorities.

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