China Nurtured Bin Laden And Terrorists

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Xia Yu
Tuesday, 24 May 2011 01:06
Interview with Professor Yuan Hongbing

Q: When President of the United States, Barack Obama
revealed that Osama Bin Laden had been killed, many democratic Governments
around the world issued statements to congratulate this victory in the war on
terror, but communist China made only a brief response more than a dozen hours
later. How does this news really affect China?

Professor Yuan: Bin Laden, of course, as an individual, was
an important figure, but some people regard him as the backbone of present day
international terrorism, which I think is inaccurate. Bin Laden was not yet so
important. On an international level, the Chinese communist regime is the true
international terrorist. Many terrorists have been trained in training bases in

For example, after the Iraq war broke out, a considerable
proportion of the so-called terrorist guerrillas received training in China, and
were then sent back to Iraq to combat the United States and its allies. There is
also a wide spread ‘secret’ among Chinese communist high officials, that Bin
Laden had repeatedly received medical treatment in China. China also served as
the main organizer and go-between to Pakistan for Bin Laden to be able stay in
Pakistan. That is how Bin Laden was able to hide in Pakistan for so long. This
is the reason that the Chinese communist regime delayed its response to news of
Bin Laden being killed. It is just a normal reaction from China.

Q: Can you reveal how you know Bin Laden was treated in
Chinese hospitals?

Yuan: Bin Laden went to China to seek
treatment and rest on at least three occasions. The persons involved in
organizing these projects include Meng Hongwei, the Vice Minister for State
Security, and Geng Huichang*, the Minister for State Security, who was the
former leader of the so called “anti-terrorist department in China".

(Professor Yuan, and most Chinese dissidents think that this
“anti-terrorist department" is a blind set up by the regime to tighten control
over Tibetan and Uyghur people.)

Q: How did you receive this information?

Yuan: There were three main sources for my information: from
those communist party members who still have some conscience remaining;
relatives of communist party members who are now being punished by the party for
all sorts of reasons which they felt unjust; and information from military
officers who were involved in actual projects and accidentally revealed this
during conversations with others. I have received much information from various
sources and it is all similar.

Q: Do you know the dates that Bin Laden visited China?

Yuan: I cannot disclose this, as it may compromise my
information sources.

Q: Do you think the Western democratic countries would have
received this information?

Yuan: I think some politicians in the Western countries
would be very clear about this, but due to financial interests, or to appease
the Chinese regime, they do not want to ‘poke this paper window’. Such things
are difficult to be kept secret.

Political slaves

Q: Some Chinese people have expressed their “sadness" that
Bin Laden was killed. ..

Yuan: I have heard that there is online survey done by
VOA and Ifeng website, on Chinese reactions to the death of
Bin Laden: many Chinese expressed “sadness”, “the anti American hero is fallen”,
“the greatest hero in Arab history’ – a similar situation happened when the 9/11
tragedy happened and seeing thousands of  innocent people (in America) being
killed, many Chinese celebrated, and posted supporting messages to Bin Laden.
This shows that the communist regime has housed supporters and sympathizers of
international terrorism.

Chinese are in fact in a position of being political slaves of the communist
regime, they are deprived of almost all political rights; and significant
freedoms as a human being. As political slaves, they have developed a very sick
mentality, habitually and automatically to willingly support the tyranny, to
avoid being persecuted. So I say that political slaves have no feelings. They
have not true human feelings.

The online reaction of some Chinese could be because of two scenarios: one,
that they are an integral part of the bureaucracy of the communist party, and
support Osama bin Laden. Another is those who are political slaves, out of fear,
or ignorance, to please the Chinese communist regime, it has become a daily act
of life.  Therefore, according to such mind altering ‘daily practice’, they are
fully aware that the Communist Party supports international terrorism. So, they
make such statements to suit communist regime.

Q: Can you explain your belief that communist China is the
backbone of international terrorism?

Yuan: The Chinese regime controls Chinese people through
terror and repression.  Communism is a denial of human nature, a system of
centralized control, by the killing of journalists of conscience and human
rights advocates, it creates a climate of terror in the world.

When Mao (Zedong) was alive, his chief policy was to fight with Russia to
gain control over communist territory, and it is also the main direction since
Mao’s death. But things changed after Russia renounced communist control, the
Chinese communists changed their policy and strategy. They only focus towards
America. So the control and support for North Korea, and terrorists around the
world, to create threats to America and to the world is the main focus of the
Chinese regime. The aim is to stop the United States from being in a position to
maintain international stability, so as to improve the communist regime’s
position in the international community.

Q: What you have revealed is quite a message! Have you
included this information in the book that you are writing now?

Yuan: I have disclosed some of this information in
Taiwan Disaster, and Taiwan Grand State Strategies, and also
in my coming book, The National Soul of Taiwan which is planned for
release in September this year. It is the third of a trilogy about Taiwan.

Yuan: Let me explain a little more here. Why do we condemn
international terrorism? Why don’t we think they are heroes but criminals? The
key is that in order to achieve its political ends, they will kill females, the
elderly, and children in large scale massacrse. This  is genocide which cannot
be forgiven. This is our cause to firmly oppose terrorism. But the Chinese
communist regime supports this terrorism.

So at the present time, Bin Laden, is an important figure, but not the main
backbone of international terrorism. The international terrorist is Chinese
communist tyranny. If we exaggerate the impact of Bin Laden being killed to
international terrorism, it may lead to people becoming blindly optimistic.

I conclude that as long as Chinese communist tyranny exists, there are spaces
for international terrorism to survive.


Professor Yuan is the author of ‘Taiwan disaster’ which sold tens of
thousands of copies of the Chinese version since its publication in Nov. 2009.
The English version is available from Chinauncensored.

*Geng Huichang was born in 1951 in Hebei province. In 1985 he became
deputy director of the Institute of International Relations. In 1990 he was
promoted to director. He headed the government-backed China Institute of
Contemporary International Relations until 1995. Geng is a professor, an expert
on economic and commercial intelligence, especially on the USA and Japan. In
September 1998 he became Deputy Minister of State Security. In August 2007 he
was promoted to Minister.


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