China Update – July 13, 2011

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International Herald Leader: China Should Compete with the U.S. for
Friends [Featured Report]

Schools Use Students for Profit-making [Briefing]

Swedish Student Expelled for Attempting to Organize a Public Rally

Natural Disasters in China in the First Half of 2011

FE1 International
Herald Leader: China Should Compete with the U.S. for Friends

On May 21, the
Pacific Research Institute of the China Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) held a
forum on “The Strategy of China’s Rise – Theory and History." Issues discussed
included foreign diplomatic strategy, cooperation among countries in the region,
and internationalization of the Renminbi. The International Herald Leader
reported on several representative points of view. Excerpts from the article
related to diplomatic and cooperative strategies are translated below.
[Full Text]

China Update – July 13,

Briefings: Following
major developments from Chinese language media not generally available to the

BR1 Schools Use Students for

On July 5, 2011, a Shenzhen local newspaper published
a report calling public attention to the fact that some college and graduate
students have become tools for making a profit. The article gives a few
examples: graduate students call their advisor “boss" and spend a lot of time as
cheap labor working on their advisor’s research and projects; in Xi’an, a music
college forces poor female students to dance with bankers; the Nanjing Normal
University forces female students to dance with government officials. Quite
often, the college and university’s administrators use not issuing a diploma to
force students into submission.

A Shenzhen Security Services Company
pays a monthly stipend of 1,600 yuan to each student intern, who in the end only
receives 600 yuan; the Guangxi Institute of Technology, where the students are
from, takes the rest. By listing these non-isolated cases, the article concludes
that the relationship between the school and student has degenerated into a
commercial relationship.

Source: Jing Bao, July 5, 2011

BR2 Swedish Student Expelled
for Attempting to Organize a Public Rally

On July 9, Chinese authorities deported a Swedish
student Sven Englund, who was studying at Fudan University in Shanghai, for
attempting to organize a public rally on July 1, 2011, the 90th birthday of the
Chinese Communist Party. On his microblogging page, Englund invited Chinese
president Hu Jintao to come to the Bund to attend a really that called for
freedom. Before the deportation, Fudan University had invited him for a “coffee
talk." Shanghai’s police also followed, monitored, and interrogated him. The
authorities charged him with “involvement in jeopardizing social management."
The 24-year-old student is now back in Sweden.

Source: Voice of America,
July 10, 2011

BR3 Natural Disasters in China
in the First Half of 2011

In the first half of 2011, natural disasters in
mainland China, such as drought, flooding, snow, earthquakes, and tropical
storms, left 449 people dead and 100 missing and caused the evacuation of 2.964
million people from their homes, damage to 1.15 million houses, and the collapse
of 274,000 buildings. The disasters affected a total of 25.52 million hectares
of crops, among which 1.93 million hectares of crops were completely ruined. The
direct economic loss is estimated to be 142 billion yuan ($US21.8 billion). The
disasters included frequent earthquakes, multiple disasters in the same region,
and recurrent adverse weather conditions.

Source: China News Service,
July 9, 2011


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