Chinese Police: It’s Not Rape If He Wore a Condom

Chinese Police: It’s Not Rape If He Wore a Condom

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July 13, 2011 by MPR

THE STORY OF the rape of junior high school teacher Zhou Qin, 26, has
garnered more attention than the usual reports of abuses by Chinese officials,
because of the stunning response given her complaint by Chinese police: they
dismissed the case on the grounds that “wearing a condom doesn’t count as


Zhou taught at the Huajuea junior high school in the town of Ashi, Bijie
Region, southwestern Guizhou province. On the morning of May 17 classes were
cancelled for a session of “legal education.” After that, it was time for the
local apparatchiks to party. Zhou Qin was ordered to their banquet and—in an
atmosphere of semi-coercion, the original article by Qianzhong Morning
indicates—made to drink more than her fill.

Wang Zhonggui, chief of the local land and resource management bureau and
later accused of rape, encouraged her drinking to the tune of 15 cups. He later
picked her up in his car while she was stumbling home, brought her back to his
office, and raped her.

The events hadn’t been given a public airing until now because the case was
in the hands of local police officials. Zhou Qin went to the press after the
police released their shocking conclusion that it doesn’t count as rape with a
condom on.

But do police in China even believe that? What’s to say it’s not simply a
bitter, sarcastic dismissal?

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