Keeping the Records of a Peaceful Revolution: Tuidang by the Numbers

Keeping the Records of a Peaceful Revolution: Tuidang by the Numbers

By Mu Tou & Wen
Epoch Times Staff
Created: Jul 11, 2011 Last Updated: Jul 13, 2011


People in New York’s Chinatown in Brooklyn support the
parade and rally celebrating 90 million people quitting the Party on March 27. Many Chinese
people quit the Party on the spot. (Dai Bing / Epoch Times)
Quitting the Chinese Communist Party

In November, 2004 The Epoch Times published an editorial series calledNine Commentaries on the
Communist Party
which takes an unsparing look at the nature, history,
and crimes of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The series ends with a call for
the rebirth of China: “Only without the Chinese Communist Party, will there be a
new China. Only without the Chinese Communist Party, does China have hope.
Without the Chinese Communist Party, the upright and kindheartedChinese people
will rebuild China’s historical magnificence.”

The first response to
that call came on Dec. 3, 2004 in the form of a statement from someone quitting
the CCP. In Chinese, to quit the Party is to “tuidang.” As of July 10, 98.3
million Chinese have submitted tuidang statements that renounce membership
either in the CCP or its affiliated
organizations, the Communist Youth League and
the Young Pioneers.

The Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese
Communist Party has kept the records of this peaceful effort to dissolve the
Party. The Epoch Times discussed with the Service Center’s executive director,
Dr. Li Dayong, how these statements are collected.

Multiple Channels

Dr. Li says that a website affiliated with The Epoch Times is the
main channel for someone to submit a tuidang statement.

For those who do
not make use of the website, there are other means: submitting a statement in
person at a service center (for those who are outside mainland China); sending a
statement by fax; sending an email; calling the Service Center hotlines; posting
the statements on telephone poles or bulletin boards; writing the statements on
the bills of Yuan.

“There are about 100 Service Centers for Quitting the
Chinese Communist Party in the world. They distribute large number of ‘Nine Commentaries’ and help Chinese to
quit the CCP on a daily basis,” Dr. Li said.

The Service Centers are
staffed by volunteers. Mostly Falun Gong practitioners, but
also others who support the tuidang movement, the volunteers tell people what
the CCP is really like and help them renounce the Party.

This may happen
almost anywhere or anytime. Inside China tuidang may happen through a
conversation held on a city bus, or while
standing in line, or at a work place or in someone’s home. Such conversations
are not without risk—individuals found spreading the “Nine Commentaries” or
encouraging people to tuidang risk severe reprisals.

Volunteers may
assist people inside China to renounce the party by making phone calls or having
chats in Internet chat rooms. Outside China, Chinese visiting popular tourist
spots or Chinatowns are likely to find a Service Center table or kiosk set up to
assist in tuidang.

“The number of volunteers in the world, including people
in mainland China who help others quit the Party is hard to count,” Dr. Li said.
“With the joint efforts of so many people, it is not surprising to have about
100 million people quitting the party and itsaffiliated organs in seven years.”

Service Center data analysts have used computer analysis, which they have
checked by manual analysis of data sets of 10,000 statements at a time, to
determine how many of those who tuidang were CCP members at one time. A
conservative estimate is that 30 percent of the statements are from present or
former CCP members.Next…Responding
to Objections

Responding to Objections

The Epoch Times tuidang website provides the record of the
people who quit the CCP, the Youth League and the Young Pioneers League.
(Provided by SCQCCP)

The tuidang phenomenon has encountered some
skepticism—could the statements be made up? Dr. Li believes the statements
themselves attest to their authenticity.

Sitting before his computer,
Dr. Li said, “Look at all these statements scrolling across the screen: they
have different tones, different ways of expressing ideas, different angles to
express emotions; some are very touching. There is no way that these can be
fabricated by just a few people. Such a large quantity of statements simply
can’t be fabricated.”

Another objection involves the possibility that
duplicate statements inflate the numbers.

“Each person who publishes the
renunciation statement is assigned a unique number,” said Dr. Li. “We also
define strict guidelines for the volunteers. Before helping someone to quit, the
volunteer must ask first if the person has already quit.

one must tell the person to remember the name used and the date when he or she
quit. Also, the person must be reminded that there is no need to quit again,”
Dr. Li said.

“Of course, there are some special cases. For example,
someone who has quit the Party before would come back to quit the Youth League
and the Young Pioneers League. Or the internet connection might be interrupted
during the process, and so the person comes back to the website to repeat the
process,” Dr. Li said.

“There are other situations when one might
inadvertently quit twice. Theoretically, such things do exist. But considering
the total number of renunciations, those rare cases can be ignored. In fact,
there are many people who want to quit but don’t know how. I believe the
recorded number is smaller than the real number of people who desire to quit.”

More and More Courageous

Dr. Li sees momentum for tuidang building in China.

“This year the
people who quit the CCP display more courage than in previous years. It also is
easier for them to accept the fact of tuidang,” Dr. Li said. “For instance,
among the tourist groups from China, some people use their real name to quit. In
South Korea, many times an entire busload of tourists have quit

“Moreover, there are many uprisings in China. Sometimes,
volunteers have made a phone call to one person in China that resulted in tens
of people, or even over one hundred people, quitting together. Our volunteers
say these groups sounded very happy. There was no fear,” Dr. Li said.

“This March, we organized a parade in New York celebrating 90 million people
having renounced the CCP. One third of the people were not Falun Gong
practitioners. The police officers noticed that they are not Falun Gong
practitioners and asked what they were doing there. They answered that they were
there to quit the CCP or to pick up the Tuidang certificate.”

the original
Chinese article.



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