Swimmers to Miss Good Food and Social Media in China

Swimmers to Miss Good Food and Social Media in China

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July 20, 2011 by HZ

MICHAEL PHELPS SENT out his last tweets on Tuesday evening as he boarded the
plane to Shanghai for the 14th FINA World Aquatics Championships.

Like some of the other 2,220 professional swimmers from 181 countries who are
heading to the cultural capital of China, Phelps is a social media lover. He
regularly updates his fans with his training progress and other tidbits of his
life with Facebook posts, YouTube videos, and up to 10 tweets a day. Yes, they
may be inane, but at least he can do it. But not in China.

The 14-time Olympic champion might have to fall back to more conventional
forms of communication in the next month, as the Chinese regime has blocked
Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. And he is well aware of that.

Phelps tweeted:

Last tweet I think….heading to china…last plane ride and were there….10 hour
flight here we come….and I’m working on somehow being able to keep giving

Will Phelps have any luck?

Only if he knows how to create his own virtual private network (VPN) or is
willing to spend lots of money on roaming fees to post from foreign-based smart

The communist regime began blocking foreign social networking sites in the
first half of 2009 and closed down some Chinese equivalents after violent ethnic riots
in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

Without social media, maybe the athletes can at least enjoy some good food?

The swimmers, divers, and water polo players won’t get to have any pork
dumplings, pork lo mein, or beef with broccoli, because Chinese pork and beef
have been linked to steroid use in pigs and cattle, which Chinese farmers use on
cattle and pigs to accelerate animal growth and promote the development of lean
meat in them. The Epoch Times also recently reported on revelations of
-tained milk powder being fed to pigs


Australian athletes have it lucky. Australia is shipping in all its meat from
home and avoidling all pork products. As for other teams, they will just eat in
accredited hotels.

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