Chinese Actress Says Forced to Spy on Foreign Boyfriends

Chinese Actress Says Forced to Spy on Foreign

Posted on
August 1, 2011 by HZ

ACTRESS SHAO Xiaoshan has been looking for a foreign
for years, an act that has offended many Chinese men.

Yet little did anyone know that she has been in fact trying to escape from a
mission for the Chinese communist regime—at least that’s what she revealed
through her social media accounts.

The 31-year-old Shao, who rose to fame by being Chinese mega-star Zhang
Ziyi’s body double in The Banquet (2006), made a slew of microblog
posts late Sunday evening, recounting her alleged experience as an
unpaid special agent
for obtaining Western intelligence through dating
children of foreign diplomats and her efforts in finding a foreign
who could get her out of China.

Shao posted on Sina Weibo, a
Chinese equivalent of Twitter:

Since my life in China is like living hell anyway, I am going to speak up
today: When I was dating the son of French ambassador (Hervé Ladsous) in
2007, a taxi driver who was a Chinese spy told me to control the son!

The embassies of the United States, France, Britain, and Italy, shouldn’t you
pay attention to me?

I had kept this to myself for many years, but now I’m just going to throw
caution to the wind! … I, Shao Xiaoshan, kept telling the media that I
won’t marry a Chinese man. It isn’t because I only love Western men, but because
in China, even my personal security is threatened!!
Back then, when I
was dating the son of the French ambassador, I was severely persecuted since I
didn’t want to harm him. Today, I am dating a man from the Dutch embassy, are
you going to try to get me to harm him too?

I have been monitored [by the regime] since I was 17, and now my days in
China are even worse than that of a ghost!

The Chinese government hasn’t paid me in so many years! yet If I don’t obey,
they would kill me! Foreign governments, please consider [taking me]: I am
willing to serve whoever that can ensure my safety and warmth. … After writing
these microblog posts, I would be sent to the 261 Military Mental Hospital and
prison, I……only don’t want to die without anyone knowing why I died.

With over 133,000 followers on Sina Weibo and 233,000 on Tencent Weibo, the two websites where
she made her posts, her words were quickly disseminated online.

One of her dozens of posts were reposted over 1,000 times and commented on 300
times just 18 minutes after she made them.

Yet the sensation was killed as fast as it was created.

All the posts related to the alleged espionage have been deleted from Sina
Weibo, and even a search of her name has
been banned
from Sina Weibo, a Chinese service that often sees its posts
that are critical of the communist regime removed.

Katie_Meow (katie_喵了个咪的),
a Chinese netizen who reposted Shao’s post earlier, said:

All the microblog posts that I reposted from you have been deleted. I saw
that many of your microblog posts have been deleted as well.

Shao, who is an active user of Weibo, hasn’t made another post ever

While it is hard to confirm whether what she wrote was true or not, Shao,
unlike most actresses in mainland China, has a history of making posts that
bother the Chinese regime.

tweeted in April:

I like the United States, human rights, religious freedom, democracy, freedom
of speech,

Another post on the same day said that she loves the Dalai
, the Tibetan spiritual leader whom the Chinese regime has called a
separatist and a politician in disguise.

While a Chinese actress posting about her espionage history is uncommon in
China, Chinese espionage cases—especially those involving close personal
relationships—are common.

A former leader of the 1989 Tiananment student movement has recently accused
his wife
of being a spy for the Chinese regime. Liu Gang, who lives in exile
in the United States, said his wife’s mission was to spy on the overseas Chinese
democracy movement.

has estimated that up to 3,200 Chinese front companies are operating in
the United States to gather intelligence about the U.S. government and American
companies. Just between March 2008 and August 2010, the U.S. Justice Department
has convicted 44 Chinese spies in 26 cases. Almost all of them are now serving
time in federal prisons.

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