Another Olympics in China? No Thanks, Chinese Say

Another Olympics in China? No Thanks, Chinese Say

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August 4, 2011 by HZ

TALK OF CHINA hosting another Summer Olympics—this time in Shanghai—has
sparked sharp rebuke from the Chinese public, who prefer keeping up with their
everyday lives over endorsing the Chinese regime’s ostentatious displays of

(Photo: Fireworks light up the sky at the end of the closing and
hand-over ceremony for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games at the “Bird’s Nest" on
Aug. 24, 2008. Costing more than $40 billion, the Beijing Olympics were the most
expensive of all Olympic Games ever held. Christophe Simon/AFP/Getty

According to a recent online
asking its participants whether they support having the Chinese
cultural capital of Shanghai bid for an upcoming summer Olympics, an
overwhelming 83 percent of its 7,530 respondents voted “no," reasoning that the
Chinese regime needs to spend more money on its people instead of on showy
events that could bankrupt the country.

Chinese netizen WASSCS commented:

The Beijing Olympics have taught us that such an event is a waste of manpower
and resources… It’s best to not allow the government to waste such money… Spend
the money on the people please.

Diligent Sonic Ah Huang (勤奋的索尼克阿黄) said:

The World Expo has already made life difficult! If we host another Olympic
Games, people would have to be evicted again, home prices would rise, … subways
would be more crowded, oil prices would surge, groceries—following the
trend—would also become more expensive, and roads would be torn up and repaved.
Oh, but don’t forget the political achievement—That’s how the officials
get promotions.

Small Badminton Birdie and Puppy
(小羽毛球和Puppy) commented:

Can we utilize the manpower, material resources, and financial resources on
the people? Rather than spending the money just to show off to the rest
of the world!!

Whicloudly said:

Would you mind considering allocating the money for the Olympics to social
security? So at least everybody would be able to retire on

To make the Beijing Olympics a success and a highlight of China’s emergence
on the world stage, Chinese officials spent more than $40 billion, relocated an
estimated 1.5
million people
to make room for various projects, stationed 100,000 security
forces in Beijing, installed 300,000 surveillance cameras, and launched a mass arrest of
China’s political dissidents and petitioners.

After all was said and done, the idea of another Olympics in China emerged
from an interview with International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge during his July visit to
Shanghai for the World Aquatic Championships.

When asked if Shanghai has a chance to host the Olympic Games, Rogge said:

I think in [the] future there is a possibility, but you know, [China] just
organized the Games in 2008, so if Shanghai has the ambition to stage the Games,
you have the potential to do it. That’s not an issue, but time will be needed.
You can’t get two Olympic Games within a couple of years. … Because we
have to distribute the Games to the entire world, not just to one

Cue a collective relieved sigh from China’s populace.

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