Wenzhou Train Crash Compensation & Rail Official Takes Plane

Chinese netizen photoshop of the China Railway logo, changing it into a coffin.

From NetEase:

First [Wenzhou] train rear-end collision
accident victim compensation amount is 500,000 yuan

According to the Wenzhou municipal Party
committee, and the latest information from the city government, there has been
progress in the discussions concerning compensation for victims of the Yong-Wen
Line Exceptionally Serious Railway Accident. Through the initial agreement
between the local post-disaster handling “5+1″ [5 government representatives + 1
Railway Ministry representative] service group and the family members of victim
Lin Yan, a compensation amount of 500,000 yuan was reached. Lin Yan is
from Fuzhou of Fujian province. This the first compensation discussion to have
achieved an initial agreement in this accident.

Separately, according to identification
documents, clothing and other distinguishing characteristics, the remains of the
39 victims have all been claimed, but at still waiting for DNA identification
for confirmation.

From NetEase:

Compensation scheme introduced, first to
sign agreement may be rewarded

As it is understood, according to the
Railway Ministry’s relevant regulations, the compensation standard is set at
172,000 yuan as the base amount plus 200,000 yuan insurance
settlement for a total of 372,000 yuan. This base amount is set and
will not change. When transportation expenses, burial expenses, and old age
financial support is added for the families of the victims, the total amount
rises to no more than 450,000 yuan, and those who accept negotiations
and sign agreements within a short time after the incident may, as appropriate,
be given [an additional] several tens of thousands of yuan as a reward.
The above expenses apart from the reward will be paid by the government of the
victim’s household registration, with the rest paid by the Railway Ministry, to
be paid in cash or charge card, principally with charge cards, with the entire
negotiation to respect the deceased as the number one principle.

Comments from NetEase:

0663972090 [网易广东省东莞市网友]:

MLGB! Reward? Disgusting!


The first to sign even gets a reward??!!

wenliyuanxinping [网易福建省厦门市网友]:

Life is impossible now. Take the subway, and the escalator collapses. Ride the train, and you get rear-ended.
Take the bus, get barbequed. Drink some water, and there are worms in the Nongfu spring. Eat some meat, and Bajie is
more expensive than Xuanzang [pork is more expensive than meat that can make
you immortal]. Watch basketball, and Yao Ming retires. Watch football, and even
Laos gets two goals against us. Set up a stall on
the street, and black society [organized crime, hoodlums] have become the chengguan. Make a donation, and the money is used to buy Maseratis.


Fucking just like fucking forced
eviction & demolitions


How much for the foreigners?

8642480985 [网易上海市网友]:

The people just died, are still on the road to heaven, and before
giving them an explanation, you pressure the families to discuss compensation,
how can you bring yourselves to do such a thing!!!

抓紧移民 [网易上海市网友]:

This is what the GCD‘s officials are like!!! Fucking


Compensation and reward: Even in death people are not equal. What the hell is this!?

皮特竹 [网易上海市徐汇区网友]:

Life is cheap like this, dying of dubious causes and then rushing
people to first take the money. Is it because they’re planning to close the case
once the money is taken?! This is blatant disregard of

jsmj2008 [网易福建省泉州市网友]:

After compensating, they’ll then increase prices again, and earn back
that money. The pitiful ones are the dead, having been test subjects for this
group of inhuman bastards.


Using the word “reward” with disaster compensation is a bit offensive,
as if dealing with residents facing demolition [offering money to
residents to sell their property to allow for demolition and

8806830256 [网易上海市网友]:

Very characteristic. [Joking about “Chinese

China Railway Logo photoshops by
Chinese netizens:

The image at the top of this article and the image below are some Photoshops
circulating on Sina Weibo making fun of China Railways. The
top image was posted by @品牌研究中心, while this one below was posted by @苏囧.

China Railways logo photoshop by Chinese netizens, bloody middle finger.

Railway Ministry spokesperson Wang
Yongping takes plane instead of train:

We mentioned Wang Yongping in an earlier report, as the government official
who became infamous for his responses to reporters at a press conference
following the Wenzhou high-speed train accident.

@go佳佳佳: We’re
on the same flight as Wang Yongping. He’s sitting in first class. Already
changed into slippers, and is reading the newspaper. Dears, should I charge over
and interview him????

Infamous Railway Ministry spokesperson Wang Yongping in first class flight back to Beijing.

Confirmed, Railway Ministry spokesperson Wang Yongping is taking a flight
back to Beijing; first class. Why not take today’s hurriedly restored train
service to Shanghai and then take the high-speed train he says is “very
technologically advanced and very confident in” back to Beijing? As a news
spokesperson and for the Railway Ministry’s public image, shouldn’t you practice
what you preach?

Chinese netizen Sina Weibo user @go佳佳佳 says Railway Ministry spokesperson Wang Yongping is on the same flight.

In fact, one of Wang Yongping’s responses (“whether you believe or not, I
believe”) suggesting that it doesn’t matter if the press or people believe his
explanations because all that matters is that he believes it has become a new
Chinese internet meme.




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