Philanthropist dumps pile of cash on patient’s bed

Philanthropist dumps pile of cash on patient’s

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From IFeng:


Li Chunping, a philanthropist  from Beijing donated 300,000 yuan (46,800
dollars) to a poor girl who suffers from acute severe aplastic anemia. He piled
all the cash in the hospital bed for the girl who is going to take bone marrow
transplant surgery. Many people criticized this controversial action.


On August 3 LI Chunping read the newspaper to find a 14-year-old girl named
Yang Liu who suffers from acute severe aplastic anemia in Guizhou Province. But
she is too poor to afford the treatment. Without bone marrow transplant surgery
Yang will die. LI decided to help this girl. He went to see Yang in the hospital
and donated 300,000 yuan in cash to Yang for the surgery. Yang’s mother was
shocked to see so much money in her hands. Then the picture of piles of money on
the bed of Yang was taken by the journalist.

Many netizens said it is kind of a propaganda show, because many
philanthropists give money not for helping those in need, but to advertise
themselves. And some think it is an insult to Yang: “you can give as you like.
But why did you put it on the bed of the little patient?" But some people
support LI and said this kind of donation can prevent the charity fraud. The
cash in hands are more reliable than the donation promise.

Li explained that what he did was to arouse the sympathy of the society and
to prevent charity fraud. He was sad to hear the negative comments, “I gave the
money to the mother of the child and left the hospital. I was there to save the
girl’s life. Those who criticize me didn’t donate a cent but criticized me. I
dare not to donate any money anymore!"

Secretary general of Guizhou Youth Development Foundation confirmed that it
is a habit of Li’s to donate in cash. “On August 1, Mr. LI donated 1,280,000
yuan to our foundation. It was also in cash. We had to ask the bank staff and
Securicor to take the money. We spent hours to count the money. That’s Li’s

Yang’s parents were very annoyed by the journalists recently. “Our family is
very grateful of Li. I don’t understand why they keep asking the boring
questions." Yang’s mother said. She said that when Li came to the hospital, he
gave her 30 bulks of money. And the room was so small that she couldn’t find a
place for the money. So she just put it on the bed. Yang is still having a
fever. Her life is still in danger. The family is trying their best to look
after her. “Without the money from Li, my girl is probably died. We are
villagers with little education. But we know clearly that life is important than
dignity." Yang’s father said angrily when he knew the accusations against Li.


Yang’s father found a bag for the cash, to take to the bank


Li Chunping gave cash to the mother in the hospital


Mother socked to receive so much cash, not knowing where to put it


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