六四天網創辦人出獄後再遭當局威脅[Chinese Authorities Threaten Founder of Human Rights Website]

六四天網創辦人出獄後再遭當局威脅[Chinese Authorities Threaten Founder
of Human Rights Website]

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【大紀元8月4日訊】(美國之音記者: 葉林華盛頓報導)


*關注農民「二次維權」 當局不滿*







Chinese Authorities Threaten Founder of Human Rights Website

By Hsin-Yi Lin &
Pamela McLennan
Epoch times
Staff Created: Aug 11, 2011 Last Updated: Aug 12, 2011


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Chinese security forces took activist
Huang Qi into custody on Aug. 4, three months
after he was released from prison for his humanitarian activities; he was
interrogated and threatened, in an apparent attempt to intimidate him into not
reporting further on human rights

Huang is the founder of a Chinese human rights website
(64tianwang.com) and a champion for the parents of children killed in shoddily
constructed school buildings during the Sichuan earthquake in 2008.

the morning of Aug. 4, when he was meeting with a human rights advocate from
Hunan in a teashop in Chengdu, an officer from a domestic security brigade burst
in and took him to the Wenjiang District Public Security Bureau for

After being released at 5 p.m. that day, Huang told Voice
of America (VOA) that the authorities were unhappy about his reports on the
rights-defending activities of the Sichuan earthquake victims and the peasants.

“My website encouraged the victims to stand up and protect their legal
rights,” Huang said to VOA. “The authorities said that this proposal inflamed
many civilians to fight against the government.”

According to Huang, the
officer from the public security bureau said that peasants from Wenjiang were
“insatiably greedy” and repeatedly asked the government for money. The officer accused the peasants of having a “secret
agenda” that would be achieved through the help of Huang’s website. Huang told
the police that the peasants were simply protecting their legal rights.

He told VOA: “The peasants did a comparison between the compensation
they received for land seizures and the real value of the land. They found that
they had been hugely under-compensated. They are now defending their rights
based on legal regulations. It is not the 64tianwang website that mobilized them
to protest.”

Last month Huang published a number of complaints from the quake victims that he compiled after his
visit to the quake-stricken areas, irritating Party officials. Huang indicated
to the VOA interviewer that the police asked him to focus his attention on the
wonderful job the government had done in rebuilding the quake-stricken areas.

One of Huang’s reports told the story of the parents of Juyuan High
School students in Dujiangyan who had lost children during the quake. A group of
parents demanded an investigation into the unsound construction of the school.

Mr. Xu, one of the parents, said that officials from the Dujiangyan
Appeal Office responded to the group on July 8, essentially saying that they
would not class the buildings as sub-standard. He also warned the parents to not
appeal again.

Mr. Xu said that hired thugs had gone to the homes or
stores of several persistent appellants to smash their belongings. He believes
that the crimes were likely instigated by local authorities to threaten the

The parents indicated that they would continue to appeal,
regardless of what might happen to them.

Huang was sentenced to three
years in prison in November 2009 for “illegally holding documents containing
state secrets.” He was released two months ago but faces further reprisals.

Public security forces told him explicitly during the
interrogation that there would be consequences if he reports more human rights
events, he said.

“The website has been supporting civil rights for the
past 13 years,” Huang said, undeterred. “I am determined to continue to side
with the civilians to defend their rights, even if that means possible
incarceration a second time.”

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