Hong Kong Police Block Protests Against China’s Vice Premier

Hong Kong Police Block Protests Against China’s Vice Premier

Epoch Times Staff Created: Aug 22, 2011 Last
Aug 22, 2011


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Demonstrating against the communist regime’s tyranny,
protesters are met by a police blockade in Hong
Kong. (Courtesy of NTD Television)

When China’s vice premier concluded his three-day visit to the
former British colony of Hong Kong, what marked his departure was not waving
hands and friendly goodbyes but voices of protest and anger at the communist
regime. And those voices were partly muffled byHong Kong’s police.

hosting the inauguration ceremony of the
special administrative region’s new headquarters on his last day, Li
Keqiang was faced with civil unrest that would probably have been suppressed by
police forces if he were in mainland China.

Members of various rights
organizations marched to the headquarters with protest banners to demand justice for the Tiananmen Square massacre
two decades ago, to protest against the Chinese regime’s suppression of
political dissidents and violation of religious freedom, and call for political
reform and human rights improvements.

Yet they arrived to the welcome of
a large police blockade on an overhead walkway leading to the headquarters,
preventing them from getting through. The protesters were determined to stay and
several isolated clashes with the police occurred.

Honk Kong protesters carry a mock coffin commemorating
those who died in the Tiananmen Square massacre. (Courtesy of NTD Television)

When three protesters from one organization, the League of Social
Democrats, held up a prop coffin in commemoration of those who died in the
Tiananmen Square massacre, a dozen policemen tried to grab the coffin, tore it
apart, and confiscated the pieces.

“They said it was for security
concerns, but they also leaked that higher authorities didn’t permit the
coffin,” said Leung Kwok-hung, a Legislative Council member. “Whether Mr. Li Keqiang is happy or not is
not of my concern. My concern is that this coffin represents the mourning for
the Tiananmen Square Massacre victims.”

The protesters pointed out that
carrying a coffin violated no law.“The Hong Kong government censors all the civil voices that are against the
Chinese regime, such as those demanding justice for the Tiananmen Square
massacre and seeking democracy,” said Lee Chaeuk-yan, the chairman of the

Lee said that the Hong Kong authorities catered especially for Li Keqiang, to
screen out messages that he would not want to hear. A consequence of this, Lee
says, it to “pushHong Kong to become like any other Chinese city.”

Kong, which was under British rule since the First Opium War in the 19th
century, was not handed back to the communist-controlled China until 1997. Ever
since its handover the city has been deemed a Special Administrative Region, and
it enjoys relative autonomy and holds elections, unlike the rest of China.

Director of Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor, Law Yuk-Kai, said that similar incidents to the
recent fracas have happened before.

“The police are not allowed to prohibit the freedom of
expression… using security as an excuse,” he said. “I think the police need to
explain why they have acted this way.”

The Hong Kong Commissioner of
Police Tsang Wai Hung admitted to reporters afterward that the Hong Kong police
had mobilized at least 2,000 officers every day for the past three days.http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/china-news/hong-kong-police-block-protests-against-chinas-vice-premier-60647.html



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