Girl Holds Umbrella for Disabled Old Beggar in Rainstorm

A young Chinese girl holds an umbrella for an old disabled beggar during a rainstorm.A girl in pink holds an umbrella for a disabled elderly

From Sina:

Girl who holds umbrella for a disabled
beggar during a rainstorm ignites discussion

In the middle of a rainstorm, a thin frail
girl held an umbrella for a handicapped old beggar as half of her body became
soaked. This scene doesn’t just happen in novels. Recently, a netizen in Suzhou
happened to capture such a precious moment with his camera. These photos
attracted many netizens, with the number of hits exceeding 24,000, even being
promoted to the homepage of XiCi. Netizens have one after another praised the girl as
being the most beautiful scene in middle of the rainstorm. According to this
Express reporter’s investigations, the very first person to post these photos is
Fengniao netizen “金桥tj” who upon recalling the circumstances
of the moment said: “After holding the umbrella [for the old beggar] and coming
back, I think the girl cried.”

If you know this beautiful girl, please call
96060 or send a private message through Sina Weibo to Modern Express and tell us
who she is.

An old beggar on a small wooden plank crawls home in the rain while a young girl holds an umbrella shielding him from the rain.A girl in pink holds an umbrella for a disabled elderly
person, the girl already thoroughly soaked.

A Chinese girl holds a purple umbrella for a disabled beggar during a rainstorm.A girl in pink holds an umbrella for a disabled elderly
person, while a uniformed man looks on from the side in the photo.

A girl walks beside a disabled beggar crawling home on a makeshift wooden cart in the rain.The girl’s clothes were already thoroughly

From NetEase:

Girl completely soaked holding umbrella to
shield beggar from the rain

There are a total of 4 photos in this set,
and the poster is XiCi netizen “林听海安”. In his post, he wrote: “As a result of a
sudden rainstorm, a disabled person struggled helplessly in the rain when a
beautiful girl carrying an umbrella rushed into the rainstorm to give concern
and care for the disabled person, and even though this umbrella was completely
incapable of shielding him, and the girl herself was completely soaked from the
rain, she still became the most beautiful scene of the rainstorm.

This reporter saw from the photos that it
was raining especially heavy at the time and a beggar with a crippled leg was
slowly moving himself on a small wooden cart. Seeing this, a country girl in a
pink shirt holding a light purple umbrella in her hand rushed into the rain to
hold the umbrella for the beggar. Helpless, the umbrella was completely
incapable of shielding against the heavy downpour. In the photos, it can be seen
that the umbrella in the girl’s hand was already completely slanted towards the
beggar, while her own clothes were already completely drenched from the

Comments from Mop:


Should be ding‘d. In this numb society, and even though I don’t do
good deeds, I still hope there can be more people like this.


There are still lots of good people, it’s just that sometimes good
people are afraid to be good people.


A girl who moves people’s hearts, a uniformed man who makes people


Marry her, there aren’t a lot of this kind of woman left, while women
corrupted by money-worship/gold-digging are too many.


If we can remove the possibility of this being someone just putting on
a show and it is truly and completely someone with a good heart doing a good
deed, then maybe this world is still a very warm place.


For society to still have this kind of beautiful soul, ding
this up!

Comments from Sina:


Such a good girl, to marry this kind of wife would be extremely


The girl did a good thing.
However, this clearly is a
publicity stunt,
the photos show that they were taken from two
completely opposite angles.
The photographer, after taking
photos from one side of the street, braving the heavy rain, then runs to the
opposite side of the street to take pictures?


The person taking the photographs, you are truly shameless! Why didn’t
you go help the elderly person at the time. For you to notice but not go and
help, you are even more shameless than the person in


Time to yell at people. The photographer is capturing beauty and
kindness to share with the world’s people, are we not supposed to say to him
“thanks”? When battlefield reporters crawl on the ground taking photos instead
of charging forth carrying a gun, can you say he is


Sigh! People’s thinking these days are too complex. Why is it that the
first thing many people think of is that it is a publicity stunt, and not that
what they are seeing is a girl holding an umbrella for a disabled


No matter what, the girl is kind-hearted. With that many people around
who see an elderly person with difficulty moving being soaked by rain without
going over to help, its truly quite cold and indifferent. [Examples of] good
mentality ought to be promoted.


Thank you, good girl! What you held up was not an umbrella, but a
sliver of hope for all people trapped in a rainstorm, shining a bit of light for
a society caught precariously in a raging storm! May all people who are on the
lowest level of society caught in the midst of a rainstorm have this kind of


There will be a day when Chinese people will look back and find the
things that we have lost…

The complete set of photos on Fengniao:

An old disabled beggar caught in a rainstorm in China.

A young girl runs out into the rain with an umbrella to help the handicapped beggar.

A Chinese girl holds an umbrella for a rain-drenched disabled beggar.

A young Chinese girl holds an umbrella for a crippled beggar in a rainstorm, becoming soaked herself.

A girl moves Chinese netizens after photographs of her selflessly helping a handicapped beggar in a rainstorm.

Chinese netizens are touched by a series of photos where a young girl selflessly aids a disabled beggar during a heavy rainstorm.

A Chinese girl selfishly holds an umbrella for a disabled old beggar in a downpour.

A girl holds an umbrella for a disabled beggar caught in a downpour.

A girl helps an old beggar get out from under the rain by holding an umbrella for him.

A girl holds an umbrella for a crippled beggar rolling himself through the heavy rain.

A girl holds an umbrella for a disabled beggar during a rainstorm, impressing many Chinese netizens.

A young girl holds an umbrella for an old Chinese beggar during a rainstorm.

Heavy rains in China.

A rainy street scene in China.

The girl returns after helping the old beggar.

The Chinese girl returns after holding an umbrella for an old disabled beggar during a rainstorm.

The young girl cries with her friends.

The girl and her friends leave the scene.

The young Chinese girl with a purple umbrella.



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