Ten-Year-Old’s Heartbreaking Cry for Justice Muted by Chinese Censors

Ten-Year-Old’s Heartbreaking Cry for Justice Muted by
Chinese Censors

By Jerry Li & Gary Pansey
Epoch Times StaffCreated: Aug 23, 2011Last
Aug 23, 2011


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Sobbing 10-year-old child holds the funerary photo of her father, Huang Guohui. (Weibo.com)


A young girl’s plea for justice following her father’s suspicious death in
police custody reverberated through the Chinese Internet earlier this month,
drawing tens of thousands of sympathetic responses and reposts on a Chinese
blog portal in a matter of hours.

10-year-old child, calling herself “Helpless Yuan-Yuan," posted an online message on the afternoon of Sunday, Aug. 14, asking
readers to forward her message chronicling her father’s journey from a wildlife
reserve to the morgue and to pressure the police into revealing the details
surrounding his death.

“On the morning of Aug. 12, my father, Huang
Guohui, accidentally trespassed onto the Datian Nature Reserve in Hainan
Province," she wrote. “After a quarrel, he was taken to a police station. Two
hours later he died in the interrogation room, covered with wounds."

post immediately stirred strong concern from other bloggers and her message was
reposted by more than 200,000 users.

But just a few hours later, the
“helpless Yuan-Yuan" blog account and its messages were deleted in a likely act of censorship to quell
discourse over alleged police brutality.

The official police record
claims that Huang “committed suicide in the interrogation room by hanging

Huang’s family has rejected that contention and maintains that
the dubious circumstances surrounding the case point to foul play by the

After being informed of Huang’s death, his younger brother and
father hurried to Datian to investigate the sudden news and saw that the feet,
legs, forehead, and shoulders of Huang’s corpse were all bruised. The police
offered the explanation that the marks were caused post-mortem.

brother also found it suspicious that the police did not promptly provide a
video of what actually happened.

“I could not see the front of the
person’s face on the recording from the hidden camera, only part of the feet.
When I arrived I asked to see the video and my brother’s remains but they
delayed it for two days before letting me seeing it, so they surely had enough
time to doctor a recording," he recalls. “I suspect that they faked the

He also noted that all of Huang Guohui’s personal belongings, such as his money and a gold necklace,
had been taken away.

When The Epoch Times contacted the police station,
the officer on duty would only say that his chief was in a meeting and the facts
were not clear. He said to contact the municipal police department, but somebody
there said it was not a convenient time to accept an interview.

Guohui’s brother has taken to cyberspace to voice his cause, even posting on
behalf of his niece Yuan-Yuan’s blog.

But authorities have been doggedly
pursuing Huang Guohui’s brother—both online and off—to stifle his outspoken
criticism of what he believes is Huang’s mistreatment in police detention.

“My [blog] post online has been
blocked since [Aug 21]. Some officials threatened me and said that what I did
was illegal and I could be arrested," he said.

“At present I cannot use
the computer and phone in the hotel. My
whereabouts are being monitored and somebody will follow me when I go


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