Hubei Anti-Corruption Official Stabbed 10x Ruled a Suicide

Relatives of Xie Yexin make a scene at Hubei press conference announcing Xie Yexin's death as a suicide.

From NetEase:

Hubei official repeatedly stabbed to death
in office ruled as suicide

Summary: August 27th at
around 6:40 in the afternoon, Hubei province Gongan County Disciplinary
Committee cadre Xie Yexin died in his office, with over 10 stab wounds
discovered on his body. Xie one month ago participated and assisted the
investigation of corruption against the county’s Deputy Secretary. The Hubei
province Jingzhou city Gongan county government website posted information on
the night of October 28th stating that through the careful investigation of the
public security organs, Xie Yexin committed suicide.

According to information from the Hubei
Gongan County government website, and through the meticulous investigation of
public security organs, on August 27th around 6:40pm, the Gongan County
Disciplinary Committee cadre Xie Yexin who was discovered dead in his office was
ruled a suicide.

After Xie Yexin’s death, public security
organs quickly initiated an investigation. Through careful investigation and
inquiry, on the scene investigations, and forensic autopsy, it has been
determined that due to blood loss resulting from a rupture of the upper vena
cava caused by a stab wound to the suprasternal fossa, the deceased entered
shock and died, with the nature of death being suicide.

August 28th around 6:40 in the afternoon, a
Hubei province Gongan county cadre was discoverd dead in his office. The
deceased was named Xie Yexin, male, born 1965 April, and was the current
Director of the Gongan County Disciplinary Committee.

According to the deceased’s relatives and
colleagues, beginning the afternoon of the 26th, [Xie Yexin’s] mobile phone was
unreachable, and he also did not return home to rest yesterday night. Daytime on
the 27th, his family and friends searched for him until that evening around
6:40pm when Xie was discovered dead in his own office. At present, the Jingzhou
city Public Security Bureau, Gongan Country People’s Procuratorate have already
formed a joint investigation team and initiate an investigation into the cause
of his death.

Xie Yexin, a Chinese government official investigating corruption of a local Deputy Secretary is found dead in his office with 11 stab wounds.

From NetEase:

Hubei Gongan County releases details of
Disciplinary Committee official’s death

August 27th evening around 6:40, Gongan
County Disciplinary Committee cadre Xie Yexin was discovered dead in his office.
The Hubei province Gongan country government reported: The scene of the incident
was the second floor of the Gongan County Disciplinary Committee office
building. The deceased was slumped on his own office chair. There was a large
amount of blood on his body, chair, and the surrounding floor. A blood-stained
knife was on the ground to the left of the body, the knife handle wrapped with a
paper towel, and paper towel fragments found on both of the deceased’s hands. On
the office desk was a paper towel roll and an ashtray with 8 cigarette butts in
the ashtray. The deceased’s shirt button was undone, but was otherwise
symmetrically aligned, and the rest of his clothes were in an orderly condition.
The office door and windows were undamaged. Office items and files were placed
neatly and orderly, the desk and chair did not appear to have moved, and there
were no signs of struggle or anything out of ordinary. Public security organs
discovered a knife set in Xie Yexin’s home, manufactured by Shanghai Purple
Dragon Electric Company Limited, of the “Lang Bo Fei” brand, with there being 5
knives to the set but only 4 knives found inside his house, and the missing
knife being of the same appearance, size, and brand as the knife at the scene of
the incident.

August 28 morning from 6am to 7am, medical
examiners from the Jingzhou City Public Security Bureau, Gongan County Public
Security Bureau, and the Gongan People’s Procuratorate examined Xie Yexin’s body
at the Gongan County Public Security Bureau autopsy room, with a representative
of the deceased’s family participating in the examination process. From the
external medical examination, the deceased’s neck, chest, and both wrists have
multiple injuries, but not defense and resistance injuries. The distribution of
the wounds on the deceased’s the left wrist, thenar, and upper abdominal wounds
were orderly, with a portion of the wounds being shallow cuts, while the deadly
wound was on the suprasternal fossa.

August 29th, Jingzhou City Public Security
Bureau issued a forensic evidence report, toxicology report, and forensic
postmortem examination report indicating that Xie Yexin was not poisoned before
dying, that the blood at the scene of death and cigarette butts all belonged to
Xie Yexin, that a rupture to the upper vena cava caused by a stab wound to the
suprasternal fossa caused blood loss shock and death, and that the other wounds
were characteristic of suicide injuries.

There are currently over 11,000 comments spanning 381 pages on this
particular NetEase news article alone. Below are a sample, including some of the
most ding’d

Comments from NetEase:

红叶三少 [网易四川省成都市网友]:

To see that an anti-corruption cadre has died was shocking enough!!
Then seeing that over 10 stab wounds was ruled a suicide, brother [referring to
self] is speechless. What is wrong with this society??

圣o仙芙 [网易云南省曲靖市网友]:

To be able to kill yourself like that, you’d be a hero even as a ghost!
Monk Zhang will rush to the Yellow Springs [underworld] to take you as an

likaicp08 [网易安徽省合肥市网友]:

Hacking/stabbing oneself over 10 times, doesn’t matter if you believe
or not, either way I believe it.

hyk1980 [网易青海省西宁市网友]:

Must be wary when speaking, beware of “being suicided” [to be falsely
declared as having committed suicide].

别说我是新人 [网易黑龙江省大庆市网友]:

Japanese samurai is shamed, hits wall suffering major


Come on, this kind of suicide is too outrageous. Hahaha,

我就是你美爹啊 [网易上海市网友]:

This is giving “death by a thousand cuts” to oneself.

视角De [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

The day it happened I had already said it would be a

沉溺漩涡 [网易广东省网友]:

I’ve guessed correctly yet again, sigh…

女湿主你好棒 [网易浙江省温州市网友]:

Has anyone ever seen someone commit suicide by stabbing their
suprasternal fossa before? Come on, this explanation by the police is too much
of a stretch.

小笨梨 [网易山东省网友]:

Niubi things happen every year, and this year there
has been especially many! I’ve heard of suicide before, but I’ve never heard of
committing suicide like this, being able to kill oneself so horrifically, it can
even apply for a Guinness world record! Now I’ve truly begun believing the
legend that someone using a gun to commit suicide can use two bullets to shoot
their heart and their head!

九才 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Too niu, let’s see tomorrow if this news is still

孤单品味 [网易亚太地区网友]:

Suicide is not strange. In the future there will be news of someone
dying from taking a gun and shooting himself in the head over 10

meilunmeihuan2001 [网易河北省唐山市网友]:

Why commit suicide? Are they able to tell the


There is only what can’t be imagined, there is nothing that can’t be

xiaoshu0416 [网易北京市朝阳区网友]:

How much does one have to hate oneself [to accomplish a feat like

yanyanyufei [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

If they say it’s suicide then it’s suicide, you just go ahead and wait
for the rabble‘s “sofa” talk [internet comments and


I question the suicide conclusion, would someone committing suicide by
stabbing themselves over 10 times??? If this is really suicide, just what kind
of courage and pressure would allow someone to endure such pain???? The
probability of “being suicided” is more likely!!!!

On Sina Weibo:


Disciplinary Committee cadre stabbed multiple times declared suicide,
family makes scene at press conference: Hubei Gongan County government website
announced that the Gongan Disciplinary Committee cadre Xie Yexin who was found
dead in his office had committed suicide. According to the deceased’s relatives,
the deceased’s body had multiple knife wounds, with 4 horizontal cuts on the
neck, one directly puncturing the trachea windpipe, the left hand artery cut,
and three cuts to the the abdomen. Photo is of relatives
interrupting the press conference.

Relatives of Xie Yexin make a scene at Hubei press conference announcing Xie Yexin's death as a suicide.

This Sina microblog post has over 2700 comments and has been reposted (or
“retweeted”) over 6700 times so far, below are a sample of the comments by other
Sina Weibo users…

Comments on Sina Weibo:


Demanding the truth. If it was suicide, why he committed suicide is the


Now murder… is so open and honest… Chinese characteristics, socialism…
New China… though I’m getting carried away… but it is the conclusion our
People’s police have given after all, so are we not to believe it… Would it


I believe this was a suicide case. A certain person knew something he
shouldn’t, then chose to fly like a moth towards a flame. Some people of course
will very happily help him light the flame.


Our countrymen are stupid, easy to deceive, no one cares. How you died
is how they say you died, otherwise they’ll make you


Suicide? For what reason? Who made him commit suicide? Only a ghost [no
one] would believe this kind of suicide!”


Heavenly Kingdom style suicide???


Is this brother ruthless, or is the Communist Party even more


Looks like CSI isn’t universally popular.


Have the person holding the press conference try stabbing himself ten
times without stabbing himself lethally and with five cuts for both arms and
let’s see if he still has the strength to cut his


Taking us for idiots.


Truly shameless, who determined the suicide conclusion, let him reenact


In the Heavenly Kingdom, all suicides require this much effort. It is
the embodiment of a harmonious> society, how could you be allowed to die so

On Tudou:

Hubei government official stabbed self 10
times to commit suicide, family unsatisfied creates commotion at press

The above video includes an image of Xie Yexin’s bloody body as it was found.
This video has been viewed over 330k times since it was uploaded yesterday.

A copy on YouTube:

see the above video?

The four images above seem to have come from an ifeng article that is no longer accessible titled
Disciplinary Committee cadre stabbed multiple times determined to
have committed suicide, family members besiege government
“. The images have been reposted on many other websites
and discussion forums, but are noticeably more difficult to find on leading
Chinese search engine Baidu than on Google. Here they are, 7 photos, click to

Relatives of Xie Yexin make a scene at Hubei press conference announcing Xie Yexin's death as a suicide.

Relatives of Xie Yexin make a scene at Hubei press conference announcing Xie Yexin's death as a suicide.

Relatives of Xie Yexin make a scene at Hubei press conference announcing Xie Yexin's death as a suicide.

Relatives of Xie Yexin make a scene at Hubei press conference announcing Xie Yexin's death as a suicide.

Relatives of Xie Yexin make a scene at Hubei press conference announcing Xie Yexin's death as a suicide.

Relatives of Xie Yexin make a scene at Hubei press conference announcing Xie Yexin's death as a suicide.

Relatives of Xie Yexin make a scene at Hubei press conference announcing Xie Yexin's death as a suicide.



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