Stabbing Death of Chinese Official Investigating Corruption Deemed Suicide

Stabbing Death of Chinese Official Investigating Corruption Deemed

Family calls death murder

By Qiao Qi
Epoch Times Staff Created: Aug 31, 2011 Last
Aug 31, 2011

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A 50-year-old government official lay slumped in a pool of blood on his office
chair. His family, after finding him, counted 11 wounds on his body. The
artery on his left wrist was slit; his right wrist sustained a few cuts. There
were three stabs into his abdomen and four cuts to his neck, including one that
was seven inches long and another that sliced through his trachea and throat.

The family waited to hear from police. But when they did, they were in
disbelief. The police deemed it suicide.

On Friday afternoon, family
members lost contact with Xie Yexin, a cadre
for the county Disciplinary Committee in China’s southern province of Hubei.
After Xie didn’t make it home that night, his family members went looking for
him at first light, only to find him dead.

The police findings,
following two days of investigation, were
greeted with skepticism by the victim’s family and netizens.

“If he
really committed suicide, how could he cut his left wrist first and then his
right wrist?” one family member questioned. “How could he be able to make so
many cuts to his throat? How could he still have the strength to stab his
trachea and abdomen?”

Mr. Wan, a local resident and friend of Xie, who
rushed to Xie’s office upon hearing of his death, said in an interview that
nobody in the county believed Xie had committed suicide.

“If he had
committed suicide this way, it would have been extremely painful," said Wan.
“I’ve never heard of anyone committing suicide in such a bloody way."

said people more commonly commit suicide by consuming pesticides, hanging
themselves, jumping into a river, or cutting their wrist–instead of stabbing
themselves all over the place.

Wan said instead of suicide, he believes
Xie was murdered for his involvement in the investigation of the corruption of
developer Sanyuan International Group.

Another acquaintance, a female
coworker speaking on condition of anonymity, also speculated that Xie was
murdered due to his connection with the corruptioninvestigation . But when she
was about to give a more detailed account of the case, she was interrupted by a
male and the phone was then hung up.

As the
news spread over the Internet, netizen Political Scapegoat said on Sina Weibo, a
Chinese equivalent of Twitter, “Amazing! He cut his abdomen, neck, left wrist
and right wrist before he died. Those who claimed Xie had committed suicide are
really geniuses.”

Another netizen known as Low-eye Sun said, “How long
can you keep hiding the truth? … Alas! Here is another case of ‘suicide.’ When
can we start having true news reports?”

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