The Chinese Communists are not simply atheists

The Chinese Communists are not simply atheists

30/06/2009 01:41:00
By Ren Baiming
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Mao’s temple in Beijing under police guards photo by
Xiao Maoying


When we often say that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is an atheist
organization, we may only be half right. Why do I say that?  It is because the
ultimate goal of the Communist atheism is to eradicate theism.  This means that
they wish to manage the people’s faith in God and ultimately extinguish it.  We
can see that it is definitely not a simple “atheism."

In China, the
Communist Party claims that it is managing five major religions.  However, the
atheistic  Chinese Communists do not even  have the concept of God, how can it
study God’s religion, or manage it.

If an ordinary significant atheist
chooses to live a peace-loving and simple life, this pure form of atheism, in
fact, is understandable.

Yet it is not the case in China. Its aim of
atheism is to manage other people’s faith in God, and it insists on doing so.
Well then, behind the insistence, there must be some kind of confrontation with
the corresponding object, otherwise, the Chinese Communists do not have the

Things in this world are corresponding. With the existence of God,
there are demons; Buddhism exists and so do evil spirits; orthodox beliefs exist
and so do cults. The Chinese Communists do not believe in God, do not worship
Buddhism. Naturally there cannot be any factors of orthodox beliefs or orthodox
churches.  In order to control the hearts of the believers in God, it forces
people to follow and acknowledge the cult of the CCP rather than God.

What people have lost under the rule of the CCP

After the CCP established its power, it started to persecute religions.
Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism were exterminated, orthodox believers were
beheaded, the properties of the monasteries confiscated, monks and nuns were
forced to return to secular life.  It then arranged its own spokesmen and
created fake religions under the leadership of the party. Buddhist temples and
churches were deserted. In their places were evil spirits attached to the
communists.  The CCP became the leader of these religions. At this point, it
pretended to allow people to worship. In fact, there is nothing to worship
except the evil CCP.

At the same time, people have been brainwashed into
its party culture. On the whole, after several generations under the rule of the
CCP, the party has basically achieved the goal of eradication of pure religions.
The mainland has become the largest population base of atheism.

The recovery of Chinese people’s original nature

Chinese people cannot follow the orthodox forms of religion under the evil
rule of the CCP. They have also lost the ability to think independently. The
only thing left is the trace of their Buddha-nature.

As people still
have Buddha-nature, deities have mercy on them.   In these troubled times, the
Great Buddha Law can save sentient beings.  It gives people an opportunity to
escape from the clutches of the evil spirits.

In fact, it is difficult
for a human body to fight off evil spirits.  When a person actually thinks of
returning to his original nature, there will be a strong earth-shattering power.
Without this power, he is doomed to be swallowed up by the evil spirits.  With
the return to his original nature, he will have the assistance of the divine
power and be able to get rid of the control of the evil.

Under the
current situation, people can read the “Nine Commentaries", quit from the
Communist Party and listen to the truth, etc. All these actions will help them
to inspire their original nature and lead them to a better future. Do not take
these things lightly.  They are very precious.

On the other hand, people
who have been bewildered by superficial benefits and refused to quit the party
will be the victims under the wicked rule of the CCP.  They will ultimately be
deserted during the purification mechanism of the universe.  It is regrettable
to see their miserable fates.

There is an old saying “evil can never
compete against justice”.  There is no way out by following the wicked CCP.

Opinion articles represent the views of the author and not
necessarily those of Secret China.


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