CCP Politburo Committee Directed Google Hacking: WikiLeaks

Uploaded by on Sep 5, 2011

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Last year, U.S.-based
search engine Google pulled out of China—due to concerns over state censorship
and the hacking of Google’s systems. Now new evidence has emerged that the cyber
attacks may have been directly orchestrated by the highest-level leadership of
the Chinese Communist Party. Here’s that report.

In a United States
embassy cable from 2010—recently released by WikiLeaks—the Chinese ambassador at
the time, Jon Huntsman, writes that an informant told the U.S. Embassy in
Beijing that the Politburo Standing Committee directed “Recent intrusions into
Google’s systems." The Politburo Committee is the highest level of leadership
within the Chinese regime.

Google says those early 2010 attacks had
accessed email accounts of dozens of Chinese human rights activists. The attacks
originated in China. Google responded in March 2010 by stopping self-censorship
on their Chinese website and re-directing traffic to their uncensored Hong Kong

The cable alleges that the CCP and Chinese search engine Baidu were
working together against Google. Yet, it seems that the publicity over
censorship made Google more attractive to Chinese web users, especially when
compared with Baidu.

In the cable, Huntsman writes that his informant
told him, “Baidu looked like a boring state-owned enterprise while Google seems
very attractive, like the forbidden fruit."

The informant told Huntsman
Chinese people assumed that Google and the U.S. government were also working
together to undermine the Chinese regime’s censorship of the

This claim, although un-substantiated, was heavily reported
across China’s state-run media, with the People’s Daily accusing the U.S. of
so-called “cultural hegemony."

Google’s Chinese site was never re-opened
and the company continues to re-direct Mainland users to its Hong Kong page.



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