Is Beijing More Livable Now Than Before?

Is Beijing More Livable Now Than Before?

By Lin Zixu
Created: Sep 14, 2011 Last
Sep 14, 2011

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About China


China’s famous Forbidden City amid a sandstorm and foul
air in 2008. (Getty Images)

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Most Livable Cities report on Aug. 30 ranked Beijing somewhere in the
middle of 140 cities. I wondered why it wasn’t much lower.

The most
livable city should be a city that makes people feel happy, shouldn’t

In recent years, living in Beijing has become much more expensive,
including rent, medical, and education.

On top of that, there is the suppression of speech, belief, and other human
rights by the Chinese Communist Party–this makes life sometimes

But for one group, Beijing is indeed most livable: high
ranking officials.

Water quality is
not good but they spend a huge amount of money bringing in the best spring water
from overseas. Although food is not safe, they can eat food grown especially for
them. Zhongnanhai, the leadership compound,
is rumored to be luxurious, fragrant, and the gardens resonant with birdsong;
the city outside however, is loud and chaotic. However crowded traffic is, when
they go out, police clear the

But if we went back to the time before the Chinese
Communist Party (CCP) seized power, Beijing was livable for

Beijing is located in a temperate zone, surrounded by mountains
and close to the sea on the east. The weather, historically, is not too cold in
winter or too hot in summer.

At the same time, Beijing has over 800 years
history, being the capital city of China. It is an important city embracing
economy, politics, and culture.

But the CCP’s contempt for nature has led
to rampant sandstorms, a bad climate, and polluted water, air and

Moreover, with the CCP’s destruction of Chinese traditional culture
and values, a famous cultural city is dying.

When the CCP dies, we will
have our city back.


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