Government employee kept 6 sex slaves in self-built dungeon, 2 killed

Government employee kept 6 sex slaves in self-built dungeon, 2

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34-year-old former fire fighter Li Hao (李浩) was a contract employee of
Luoyang Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. He would have been
remembered as hard working and easy-going by his colleagues if not for the
uncovering of his secret dungeon where he kept 6 sex slaves and murdered 2 of
them with the help of other victims who, shortly after being rescued were
arrested for assisting Li Hao murdered and buried the bodies.



During the past 2 years, Li Hao has abducted 6 prostitutes from nightclubs
and KTV and put them into the dungeon he dug under a normal resident cellar.


It consists of 4 parts, including the normal cellar he bought, a 60 cm
diameter opening connected with a tunnel that was just wide enough for one
person to crawl through into the 2 damp and stinky rooms where the women are
kept. However the rooms are surprisingly equipped with computers (with no
Internet connection) for their entertainment.

Investigation revealed that Li Hao abducted, locked up and raped these women
and with daily disciplines he turned the women obedient and even jealous of each
other. They often fight over who get to sleep with “big brother”. Besides being
sex slaves to Li Hao, who they called “big brother” or “husband”, obedient girls
would be taken out for “jobs” when Li Hao fell short of money.

On Sept 3rd, one of the women Xiao Qing caught a chance during her
outside job to call the police who rescued 3 other women in the dungeon and dug
out 2 bodies. “When we got down there, those girls thought it was ‘big brother’
coming back, and cheerily welcome ‘big brother you are finally back’. Then they
saw us in police uniform and burst out crying.” Said the police.

According to Xiao Qing, two women had a jealous fight about a year ago and Li
Hao helped one of them killed the other and buried the body in the very room the
women live. To make an stronger example, Li Hao also killed an disobedient woman
and buried at the corner of the room.

“These girls were kept for a long time span, varied from 3 months to as long
as 2 years.” Said a police officer Zhen Shengli, “Li Hao imposed extreme control
on them, besides multiple iron gates, he only provided food every second day in
case they have enough energy to escape.”

Officer Zheng Shengli explained: “The reason why he could hide the crime for
so long is that he only operates in mid-nights deep down underground and kept
the whole thing from his wife by lying that he found a part time job and had to
stay out for half of the months.”QQ截图未命名

Neighbor resident pointed out the dungeon, with multiple iron gates and one
sealed window.


The folk said the dungeon room was the same size as his storage room.

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