Chinese People’s Misunderstandings of the CCP

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Written by Renminbao
Having been ruled, deceived and brainwashed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for over sixty years it is very hard for Chinese people to know the real CCP, so there are many differences regarding the way Chinese people and the international world view the CCP.

1. Merely noticing the CCP’s corruption and nothing else

Corruption is a very popular topic whenever Chinese people talk about the CCP, and even rural people can list cases. In modern China, no matter what kind of official one is, whether in the squads, in the towns, in the villages, or at the most high-levels of the Party central committee, it would almost be impossible for that person to be honest and not greedy.

Many people only focus on the corruption by this regime, and ignore all the other bad things that this evil party commits, for example,  its abuse of human rights, its persecution of good people and beliefs. And some Chinese people even take it for granted, that even though the CCP is corrupt, however, all the governments in history are no better than the CCP, so corruption is treated, in the way the CCP preaches,  as a so-called “worldwide problem.“

2. Understating the CCP’s crimes

The CCP has committed heinous crimes against Chinese people during its time in power. They have slaughtered more than 80 million Chinese people during all of its campaigns, which is much more severe than the two other mass murderers, Hitler and Stalin, as Hitler killed 6 million Jews, and Stalin killed 20 million Russians.

The CCP’s crimes are unprecedented, however, it seems that Chinese people never seem to take it seriously, as if losing so many of their compatriots was none of their business. However, as the saying goes, no matter how many good things you do, once you kill a person, then you are a murderer and should be responsible for your behaviour, but having been brainwashed by the CCP for so long, it seems that no Chinese thinks about it in this way.

3.Treating the CCP the same as all the rulers in history

Many Chinese people try to forgive the CCP by saying that no man is perfect, so everyone of us can make mistakes, so why can’t the CCP make mistakes, especially as the CCP is ruling a country as big as China. Many people vainly hope that the CCP will make changes and improve itself, however, they forget the evil nature of the CCP.

4. Holding the preconception that those in power would always be right

Also that there are always reasons for the government to do whatever it wants to do, so nobody should disobey or resist the orders of the government and anybody criticizing the government or defending his own legitimate rights would be regarded as a trouble maker who is against the government.

For example, the CCP labelled all petitioners as’ illegal petitioners“ and anyone who appealed to the government, or went to Tiananmen Square to petition, would be arrested and sent to a labor camp no matter how much he or she had been wronged.

An example might be the misunderstanding of Falun Dafa practitioners’ appealing against the persecution. Even though people know of the brutal 13 year persecution they still label Falun Dafa practitioners as opposing the government, they even assume that the Chinese practitioners want to overthrow the government, and do not criticize the CCP for using the resources of the entire country to persecute good people.

5. Assuming that the CCP is very strong, and it would be impossible for it to fall from power

Many Chinese people think that the CCP controls everything in China, (which it does) and so don’t believe that the CCP could fall from power one day.

They thus refuse to acknowledge that the crimes that the CCP has committed will lead to the inevitable demise of the CCP, so they doubt the old saying that there will always be retribution for evil deeds and that the CCP will be exterminated by God.

When asked how did the former Soviet Union and the Eastern European communist block disintegrate so quickly they give the excuse that “ the CCP is different to the former Soviet Union.“

6. Treating the CCP and its leaders separately, ignoring the unity of the CCP

Some Chinese people think that the CCP was initially good, but got worse in later years, some think that the ideology and programs of the CCP is good, but has not been realized, while others think that part of CCP is good, but another part is bad.

For example, amidst social conflict and disorder, and grave injustices in allocation of resources, many people say they miss the Mao era, thinking that period was clean and fair, and the government was severe at punishing corruption.

Amidst the violent disputations in territorial issues, many people think that the current regime is not as in tough as the Mao and Deng eras.

These views seem to make sense, but they all neglect one important point, that the CCP is one entity and its evil nature is coherent, so the persecution and killing has never stopped in all these 60 years plus.

Just like a bowl of poison, no matter how beautifully packed, it keeps on poisoning people, and is always ready to poison people.

Though one reason for this phenomenon is the lying and deceit by the CCP for all these years, the serious moral decline of Chinese society which has lead to lower standards of Chinese people’s conduct and moral reasoning is a major factor.


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