Ancient Buddha Statues Displayed in Taiwan

Published on Sep 21, 2012 by

Stone Buddha statues from the Wei, Jin, Northern and Southern Dynasties, to the Ming and Qing periods stand lifelike, each with a different appearance. As you enter the museum, it is as if you have transcended time and space and are personally experiencing the beauty of Buddhist art from China’s different dynasties.

[Cai Yuexue, Buddha Museum Guide]:
“The Tang Dynasty was a period of abundance. So according to the concepts of beauty in that period, the Buddha faces were a bit fuller and rounded, whereas the Buddha faces during the Northern and Southern Dynasties period was thinner."

“Seeing these ancient objects really makes me feel that these collectors—the effort they put in—is no simple thing. It is because of them that we—the later generations—can see such great things."

The 1,000 Buddha Pillar from western China is magnificent and solemn—exhibiting ancient Chinese culture.

[Cai Bingzheng, Acting Museum President]:
“The whole style of the 1,000 Buddha Pillar is in the style of the Yungang Buddha caves that is the most famous of the Northern Wei Dynasty. In other places you rarely see these crossed-legged Bodhisattvas and twin seated Buddhas. It was created by command from the emperor. They created these caves, and so the scope is huge. They are very solemn."

“Normally you wouldn’t be able to see these kinds of exhibits unless you visit China. If you go to temples in Taiwan, there is no way to see such big Buddha statues."

Here, you can also see the events known as the three Wu and one Zong emperor where Buddhism was attacked. From the repaired remains of Buddha statues, you can see the tragic destruction of Buddhism.

[Cai Yuexue, Buddha Statue Museum Guide]:
“The most principal reason for (the destruction) was a clash of culture and thought, and also the incompatibility of cultural and economic values. In history, after they tried to eliminate Buddhism, their dynasties didn’t last long, some only 5 years and the longest was only 6 years."

“After trying to eliminate Buddhism, you definitely won’t meet with a good end. All of the 4 dynasties who attacked Buddhism finished very quickly."

Collectors have opened up their lifetime’s private collection, allowing this glorious collection of Buddhist art to be displayed to the public again.


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