US Elections and Organ Harvesting (Video)

US Elections and Organ Harvesting (Video) PDF Print E-mail
Written by China Uncensored Staff
Human rights activists are urging the candidates for the US Presidential election to pay attention to the crimes against humanity being committed by the Chinese regime when considering the context of US-China relations.

Tens of thousands of ‘prisoners of conscience’ in China have been victims of organ harvesting, much of the time while they were still alive. Chinese military hospitals operate the organized business of killing Falun Gong practitioners for their organs, a practice that began after the persecution of Falun Gong by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) more than a decade ago.

Soon after a short documentary produced by New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Television was posted online, it was recirculated by Eamonn Fingleton, a former editor for Forbes and The Financial Times, and author of the book In the Jaws of the Dragon: America’s Fate in the Coming Era of Chinese Dominance.

On Forbes’ website, he posted the video with the recommendation that it made for apropos viewing in the context of the presidential race, and questions over the United State’s policy toward communist China.

“If this clip does not focus American attention on the ethical implications of China’s rise, nothing will,” Fingleton wrote.

Activists have also delivered letters to President Obama and Governor Romney asking for their support for an international investigation into these atrocities.



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