Bras Banned from Chinese Exams to Stop Cheating; Teacher: Moral Education Needed


Cheating with electronics has become so rampant in China that this year, the Jilin (吉林) province has decided to scan students with metal detectors before allowing them into Gaokao (高考), the national university entrance exam.

According to Xinhua News Agency, China’s official news agency, the security check is so strict that one would be kicked out for wearing a bra with metal buckles or pants with metal buttons.

The Xinhua report describes a high school’s “rehearsal", where the teachers scanned the students from head to feet to make sure they know what type of clothing to wear to prevent being caught.

A high school teacher told Xinhua that back in 1993, when she first invigilated a Gaokao exam, there was almost no one cheating.

“The reason students didn’t cheat then is because they adhered to the Chinese tradition of honesty. Therefore, we should attach more importance to traditional Chinese thought and moral education, and improve students’ honesty fundamentally."


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